What is Conor McGregor’s MMA background?


Conor Anthony McGregor is an Irish professional Mixed Martial Artist. He was born July 14, 1988, in Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland. Today we shall discuss the MMA background of McGregor. McGregor MMA Background McGregor was born and raised in Crumlin Dublin, Ireland and was Crumlin. He attended Irish-language schools. Besides regular studies he developed his passion … Read more

Is it too late to start MMA at the age of 30?


Like every athletic sport, MMA has a standard age to start with. To keep healthy there is no age limit to start training in Mixed Martial Arts. Naturally, trained MMA fighters can start the sport professionally at the age of 30 at ease. Today we shall discuss whether it is too late to start MMA … Read more

Why don’t we see many ex-Navy SEALs in MMA if they are as good as claimed?


Most Navy SEALs train in a wide variety of martial arts. The SEALs are required to deal with enemies most effectively. Since they are given high-profile training, they are loosely compared with MMA fighters. Today we shall discuss reasons for ex-Navy SEALs’ rare participation in MMA fights. The dearth of Ex-Navy in MMA https://youtu.be/F39aBa9txzw?si=SGEEEc2GLdGfYMhq Despite … Read more

Is Karate effective in MMA?


Karate is a Japanese word. It means Empty Hand which is a part of hybrid MMA. The empty-handed fight develops a well-balanced body and mind. A Karatist can employ kicking, striking and defensive blocking with arms and legs. Today we shall discuss the effectiveness of Karate in MMA. Nature of Karate Karate is a stand-up … Read more

Are elbow strikes prohibited in MMA?


MMA is an extreme kind of combat sport. It includes more than half a dozen of classical martial arts and thus it is called Mixed Martial Arts. In the early days of MMA when it was introduced people weren’t that sure which strikes were dangerous and which were not. The concerned authorities have little knowledge … Read more

What are the differences between Taekwondo and MMA?


Taekwondo is one of the few traditional martial arts that has found its place in modern MMA fighting. Over the years, there have been many MMA fighters with a Taekwondo strong background who are doing well in professional contests. Taekwondo is a very effective martial art. Today we shall discuss differences between Taekwondo and MMA … Read more

Why are the top UFC and MMA fighters so hurt?


MMA,Mixed Martial Arts, is a type of combat sport. The UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, is an organisation that promotes MMA fights. In fact, the UFC is the biggest league in all Mixed Martial Arts. Today we shall discuss the plight of the top UFC and MMA fighters regarding their physical hurting in the fights. Endurance … Read more

How are some MMA fighters skinny but strong?


The nature of Mixed Martial Arts heavily depends on fighters’ fastness, agility and incredible endurance capacity. MMA is one of the few athletic sports where big muscles do not play a vital role. Rather, huge muscles tend to hinder the attainment of a desired goal. It often proves counter productive. Today we shall discuss the … Read more

How does Pankration compare to modern MMA?


Pankration, the Greek word, is basically similar to MMA. It was originally developed by combining boxing and wrestling techniques into a singular contest. Today we shall discuss the comparison of Pankration to modern MMA. Origin and Similarity of Pankration to MMA The Greek ‘Pankration’ means ‘All powers’, in broader meaning ‘complete victory’. Pankration was a … Read more