7 Best Karate GI [Reviewed and Rated 2022]

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Your opponent is staring at you, with zero blinking or movement. Both of you are waiting for the first move. You’re quite confident about not losing, at least not this. Moreover, you’re more experienced and skilled than him.

But damn! After a few seconds, you’ve discovered yourself on the ground, lying like a bird that was flying a while ago. Later on, you came to know that it’s your uniform that was slowing you down in the fight. But wasn’t it quite obvious as you didn’t have the best karate GI?

Want to lose in the next fight again? Then pick yourself up and get what you need to nail the next victory. Yes, it’s the right karate gi we’re talking about. Don’t worry; we’re here to get you ‘the one’.

Why Should I Buy the Best Quality Karate Uniform?

Have you ever thought of practicing without putting the karate gi on? No, right? Why is that? It’s because you don’t want to miss the feeling of being a part of something as impressive as Karate. But that ain’t the only reason why you need to get the best karate gi in the first place. There’s more like –

  • Getting the Right Feel

Want to be a Karate master? Then at first, look like one. So, to get the right vibe there, you need to lay your hands on the right do-gi. Plus, it makes you feel more confident than ever in the dojo.  

  • Lasting Long

Maybe you can get a set of clothes anywhere in the city for your practice. But not choosing the best quality one might make you swipe your card again and again. So, if you want to save some extra bucks there, get yourself a high quality karate gi. On top of that, they don’t fade on the color easily as well.

  • Comfort

If you’re more into getting a low-end do-gi, then you’re ready to say goodbye to the comfort while practicing. But if it’s the high-quality one you have in mind, then you can simply have the perfect level of comfort there.

Things to Consider Before Buying Karate GI

You might be thinking that it’s just a set of clothes after all, how difficult can it be to get? You’re kind of right and wrong at the same. Look, in the traditional clothes, you don’t go for something as laborious as Karate.

Here, you’ll be doing lots of physical activities and most of them ain’t anything like your regular work. So, you need clothes that can keep up with all of them. This is where getting the right and most unique karate GI jumps in.

The best way to get them is knowing what to look for in them and this segment is all about it. So, let’s get started then?


Choosing the right type of uniform is the first thing you’ll have to deal with when you’re roaming for your next Karate gi. There’re two types of uniforms you’ll get to see. One of them is called the Kumite, and the next one is Kata.

  • Kumite

Kumite is mainly meant for man to man combat. This uniform is made of comparatively breathable fabrics. So, there’s no chance of having any issue with keeping the body cool. Moreover, the full-length gussets help with better kicks in the competition. But if you’re asking for durability, it comes with a low rating.

  • Kata

On the other hand, Kata uniforms are basically made of highly durable and heavy fabrics, yet quite comfortable. One of the best things about them is the crispness that gives you the ‘snap’ at the time of performing techniques. It’s perfect for solo and team performance.

Material and Durability

As this is a set of clothes, there’s going to be a ton of things that are related directly to the material. Try to pick a Karate gi made of cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester. That’s because if you want the right feel and comfort in it, then these fabrics can easily pull that off.

Moreover, durability is also related to the material. Choosing a poor quality fabric might make you feel comfortable at first, but that ain’t going last as long as you want. And another plus point of getting cotton fabric is it can suck up the sweat more easily.


There’s a variation of designs in the do-gi you can pick from on the basis of your preference. As there’s two, the first one is the Japanese cut and the second, the European cut. Japanese cut usually comes with shorter sleeves and pants. On the other hand, European cut ones have long sleeves and pants.


It’s better to pick the right size carefully rather than regretting after the purchase. Most of the Karate uniform makers offer a chart of sizes, from where you can pick your one and order. Some of them even offer a chart with proper segmentation on the basis of weight, height, and body structure to ease up the right pick.


Karate is an act of excessive physical movement. So, having it as the perfect fit is what going to help you the most with the flexible movements. All you have to do is just check out the fitting whether it’s too tight or too loose. The problem with too loose Karate gi is it restricts from moving freely and quickly.

Fabric Weight

Usually, the Karate uniform comes in different weights. To be specific, there’re three of them and they vary between 4 oz to 16 oz or you can categorize them in light, mid and heavyweight.

If you’re a beginner or planning to buy it for your children, then pick the lighter weight (4 – 8 oz). But if you’re in the trainee phase, then picking the midweight (9 – 12 oz) one will be better as training karate gi.

If you’re more of a Master, instructor, or participants of tournaments, then don’t think of anything else but the heavyweight (14 – 16 oz) one. By the way, make sure it’s WKF Approved if you’re getting it for the tournaments.

Best Karate GI for Training and Competition Reviews

Being a part of something like Karate becomes more amazing when get to put the right uniform on. But the marketplace ain’t going to go soft on you and will confuse you with tons of options. So, we’ve come up with the top options for training and competition to make the pick easier for you. let’s get started with –

1. Shureido TK-10 Karate Gi

Have you ever felt like you’ve become a completely different person once put on a certain uniform? We bet you do. But when it’s about getting a Karate uniform, only the right uniform can get you that feel. And we believe not too many of them can do it like the TK-10 Karate Gi from Shureido.

With the effort of making it the best quality karate gi, team Shureido has given it all the superior features that you can ask for. This heavy-duty gi is a step ahead with its higher durability compared to its competitors. So, if you’re planning to not put your hands on your wallet any sooner, then it ain’t going to be a problem.

And finishing? You’ve got no chance of questioning on that as the makers made sure that you’ll have nothing but the top quality there. Besides, this Tournament cut gi comes with shorter sleeves and trouser along with a longer jacket. Isn’t it the way you wanted for your next turn in the arena?

How can a world famous karate gi brand like Shureido forget about the comfort part? After all, you can never reach your best if you’re practicing with clothes that aren’t perfectly comfortable. So to pull that off, the makers have used nothing but 100% cotton on this one. Do you still think you can run short on comfort?

Lots of the fighters complain about their uniform for hindering their movement in the practice or fight.  But that definitely ain’t going to be the case on this gi. To be honest, if you’re looking for maximum flexibility, this is where you’ll get it for sure.



  • Shorter sleeves-trouser and longer jacket
  • Can last for a very long time
  • Features top quality finishing
  • Highly comfortable with a cotton construction
  • Flexible and doesn’t hinder movements


  • Comes in white only

2. Tokaido JKA Karate Gi

Buying karate gi with superb quality ain’t anything like a walk in the park. But that’s only when you don’t know where to get the JKA Karate Gi of Tokaido. This uniform from one of the finest karate gi makers will indeed get you the feeling of putting on perfect appearance in the dojo.

Want to know how? Then the first thing you’ll have to put your eyes on is its perfect fit and cut. This tournament-style do-gi will fit you effortlessly and once wear it, you’ll feel like it was made for you. All you have to do is just make sure that you’re ordering the right size.

And what to say about the fabric quality? If you’ll start scoring it for the strength, then we don’t think it’ll get anything less than full marks. Looks like using the cotton of grade-10 was nothing but the right move. On top of that, its reinforced seams and multiple stitches have added some extra feathers to its strength.

By the way, we’re not done with the credit part on the material yet. Team Tokaido knows that you ain’t going to go gentle on your opponent. So, they’ve made it in a way that even the hardest wear won’t be an issue for it. This means, in the case of durability, it’s highly reliable and the same goes for comfort.

Do you know that the most beautiful sound hits the ear in the dojo? It’s the sound while someone is practicing a technique or you can call it the ‘snap’. With an extra 20% friction resistance, you’re going to get that sound more loud and clear on this kata uniform.



  • Comes with reinforced seams and multiple stitches
  • Has a higher level of durability
  • Can sustain the hardest wear
  • Comes with extra 20% friction resistance
  • Reliable in the question of comfort


  • Sleeves and pants are slightly long

3. Seishin Premium Karate Gi

The next name on our list is probably something you’ve already heard of. After all, if it’s about impeccability, then it’s quite tough to beat a name like Seishin. So, the third slot in our toppers list is dominated by none other than their Premium Karate Gi.

Call this amazing do-gi anything like sharp, snappy, stylish, smooth, or comfortable and none of it’ll be wrong. That’s because team Seishin has made sure that you get all them in this uniform. Especially, with premium cotton fiber, this 9.5 oz gi might look heavy, but you’ll feel it like the lightest once you put it on.

The 100% natural cotton left no stone unturned to convert it into a maximum breathable and comfortable karate gi. But what about its durability? Well, the high-quality fabric has taken care of that perfectly as well.

As a cherry on the top, its jacket and pant are so good with air ventilation that you won’t even feel suffocated a bit while doing the hardcore training. Plus, its flexibility level will simply awestruck you with a clean 360° mobility. Now, no matter what type of move you’re trying to execute, it ain’t going to pull you back.

Isn’t it the snap you’ve been missing so far? Then the good news is this do-gi got that covered too. Thanks to its sleeve cuffs with 3x thickness for that. From an overall view, there’s not a single point you’ll see absent here that you would’ve asked for in the most unique karate gi.



  • Made of highly breathable fabric
  • Doesn’t compromise with the comfort
  • Comes with a better ventilation system
  • 3x thick sleeve cuffs ensure the perfect snap
  • Has the 360° mobility freedom


  • Not for them who prefer it heavier

4. Ronin Karate GI

Imagine showing up in your dojo with a dirty uniform, not because you couldn’t wash it but because it’s too stubborn for the cleaning. Won’t that an embarrassing view where all the trainees are on their clean one and you’re not? Well, it’s better to let not that situation come ever with the Karate GI from Ronin.

But you’re not going to just throw your money on it just because it’s easy to clean, are you? Don’t worry, there’s much more waiting for you ahead. It all starts with its superb material, which is 100% Quality Cotton. So, you won’t have to think twice about the comfortability for sure.

As a bonus, you’re going to love this great karate gi for its capacity to deal with the sweat. This means when you’ll be going through some tough routines and shed a ton of sweat, it’ll save you from the irritation at that moment. A fair share of thanks for that goes to its body cooling ability as well.

This 9.5 oz karate gi is so flexible and lightweight that when you’re trying to keep the movement nimble, it can keep up in every way. Don’t worry about finding the right size. With a wider variety of sizes, it’ll be a piece of cake to get you the perfect size.

And what to say about the durability? Team Ronin has put all the effort into making it capable of withstanding all your training and sparring, no matter how harsh they are. But what deserves most of the applause for pushing the durability higher is its enhanced stitching.



  • Keeps the bar of comfort high
  • Comparatively lightweight and flexible
  • Can deal easily with the sweat
  • Highly convenient to clean
  • Comes with perfect fitting and size


  • Not for the fan of shorter sleeves

5. Hayabusa Karate Gi

Are you bored with your white traditional karate gi? Then it’s time to bring some change to that with Karate Gi from Hayabusa. Want to know how? Unlike the regular one, this one isn’t stuck to the white color only but you can have it in black as well if you want.

But we know color ain’t the first thing you ask for in a do-gi. Don’t worry; team Hayabusa has more than that in their arsenal. The first one on that list is its high-grade construction backed by reinforced stitching and lapel. So, if you think you’ll have to face issues with its durability or strength, then you better forget it.

Thankfully, strength isn’t the only part team Hayabusa has put their focus on. Count the breathability and comfort on the chart as well. Thanks to the material of this 8 oz karate gi for pulling that off, which is 100% cotton/polyester blend, by the way.

That’s not all! Even in the race of ensuring better mobility, you’ll find this one ahead of lots of top karate gi. Not even your harshest movement will feel interrupted when you’ll put this one on during the practice. And no, you won’t have to break the bank to bring this affordable karate gi in.

One of the best things about this do-gi is you won’t have to struggle for fitting in. If you check out the top, you’ll see the impressive ventilation makes sure that you don’t feel suffocated inside. On the other hand, the pant is incredibly comfy and gives you the right feel that you’d love to have from your next karate gi.



  • Comes with superior durability and strength
  • Highly breathable and comfortable
  • Available in black and white
  • Offers a greater flexibility level
  • Ensures the perfect feel


  • Not the best choice for ‘cotton only’ lovers


6. Adidas Karate Gi

We don’t think the name ‘Adidas’ needs any introduction. In the world of sports accessories, there’re not too many of the segments they haven’t put their step on. Now they’ve thought of leaving their touch of excellence once again with their black and white Karate Gi.

Let’s get started with the material first. Team Adidas thought of creating something that you can use both as the Kata and Kumite. So, they had come up with a fabric that can keep up with both. Finally, they went for a mixed fabric with 40% cotton and 60% polyester. Thankfully, it worked out perfectly.

Now, if you’re looking for a higher comfort level, you’re going to get it easily on this one. On top of that, its mesh area on the rear of the jacket has pushed the ventilation to an amazing level. So, you’re expecting any suffocation on this top karate gi; you’re going to be disappointed.

Team Adidas doesn’t play it for a shorter period. This is why to stretch up the durability, they’ve added numerous reinforced areas on this do-gi. So, if you’re hoping to have a tough day in the dojo, this bad boy ain’t going to let you down.

If you’re not a fan of plain karate gi with no spot, then you’re going to love its Official WKF decoration accompanied by the embroidered black logo of Adidas. And yes, you’ll be seeing it on both the chest and the back. By the way, it’s available in black and white, in case you need some variation with the color.



  • Durability level is comparatively high
  • Keeps the ventilation level on a better phase
  • Can be used for both Kata and Kumite
  • Comes in black and white
  • Mixed fabric made it comfortable


  • Not for them who likes it heavyweight

7. Tiger Claw 6 OZ Karate Uniform

Ready for another great starter karate gi? It’s time to wrap up our review session with the 6 OZ Essential Karate Uniform from Tiger Claw. You can simply call this karate gi a combination of durability, comfort, and flexibility. But what has made it that way? Let’s find out.

The features we’ve mentioned above are nothing but impossible to nail if the material isn’t good. To put those in the bucket, team Tiger Claw used a mixed fabric of poly/cotton, that doesn’t only make it lighter but also comfortable.

And guess what? For getting the odds in your favor, the makers have got it the wrinkle-free finish. So, unlike the full cotton do-gis, you won’t have to show up with wrinkles all over again. Plus, its traditional and classical karate gi style has added some visual appeal to it at the same time.

Moreover, this 6 oz do-gi doesn’t fall short on the durability meter as well. This means, if you’re planning to keep it for a longer period of time, then it ain’t going to be a problem. So, you can call it a cheap karate gi based on its price, but not on its performance or durability.

To make it to the fullest, team Tiger Claw got the additional double inseam with elastic waist and full gusset. Now, even in your hardest day of training, this white armor will let you down in any way. And yes, you’ll get a white belt on this one.



  • Mixed fabric maximizes the comfort
  • Comes with a wrinkle-free finish
  • Has a better durability
  • Made with traditional karate gi style
  • Features a white belt


  • Takes a little time to get softer
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if the Karate gi is not WKF approved?

If you’re planning to take part in a tournament or any competition, then it has to be approved by the World Karate Federation or WKF. But if you need it for regular training, then getting one without WKF approval won’t be a problem.

2. Why Kumite isn’t the best choice for solo performance?

One of the types of Karate gi is Kumite, and it’s perfect for occasions where two opponents are facing each other. Though they’re made of comparatively breathable fabric, they’re prone to tearing as they come with a lighter construction. On the other hand, Kata uniforms are better from that aspect.

3. Which one comes with better durability – light, mid, or heavyweight karate gi?

Havier materials lead to higher durability. To keep the lightweight one useful for the beginners and children, they’re made with lighter fabrics. So, the durability is low on them.

In the case of the mid-weight one, they’re better than lightweight do-gi but not on the peak of the durability mountain. The heavyweight one is the longest lasting karate gi, as it’s made of heavier and more durable fabrics.

4. Why the sleeves and pants are shorter in do-gi with Japanese cut?

Having too-long pants and sleeves interrupts the freedom of movement while practicing. Moreover, longer pants increase the chance of stepping on the edge of the pants and fall.

5. What type of do-gi is used in international tournaments?

Usually, in international tournaments or championships, Kumite is the most preferred one as do-gi. But they need to get the WKF approval first.

Final Words

When you’re in that arena and all you can think of taking the opposite fighter down, even the slightest mistake can mess it up. But the regret will cross all the boundaries if that’ll happen just because you’ve put on the wrong uniform.

So, it’s time to pick the best karate gi to save yourself from slowing down and lose. Now you know about the finest karate gi and which one you will suit you better than anything else. So, you decide which one you’re going to grab in the first place before you step into that arena again.

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