Brandon Quick’s Achievements

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Brandon Quick is a popular combat master, instructor, BJJ Black Belt. Jamie Walsh gave him the Black Belt. When he was a brown belt during that period he also instructed greatly with Eddie Bravo. For tenth planet jiu-jitsu, he was one of the top brown belt competitors. Suddenly some animosity in regards to Brandon’s brown belt appeared and then he quit the tenth Planet System. 

Quick is recognized for his attacking approach to Jiu-Jitsu and life. He is a tremendous no-gi and gi grappler who has incredible leg assaults and quick chokes. He is a  teacher of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling. He also works in the boxing industry as a coach, commentator. In this post, we will cover Brandon Quick’s achievements and history.

History of Brandon Quick:

In 1996, he began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in California with his mother. Under Nogi Champion, Brandon Quick is a third-degree black belt. His living place was not so good but he did not grow up in the slums. As a kid, Quick had a lot of difficulties. He faced trouble also in fighting. However, he fought in garages, lawn and he loved to fight there. In 1999, he selected a path for himself, and the same year he joined the Army. Later in 2000, he quit his basic training. He was among the first battalions in Iraq. He worked in explosives in the Army. 

 In 2008, he earned traction after inducing the first iTunes app for BJJ teaching, and later it came out with his DVDs. After that, Brandon Quick became a coach. He was a coach for skilled MMA fighters in the LFA, UFC, Bellator. To civilian schools, he has instructed training camps and seminars. Over twenty Countries, he also instructed military facilities. He acquired an American Grappling Federation and an international BJJ tournament organization. He also is the founder of the Buick Jiu-Jitsu Network. The network has schools circulated across many countries like Europe, the US, and the Caribbean.

In many aspects of the BJJ industry and MMA quick is involved. When he began training jiu-jitsu he set his mind that he had to fight like a winner. Grappling champions in his lineage are prominent for their forceful assailants. So his lineage is to kick-start that approach. Later Brandon used his Jiu-Jitsu mentality in his businesses. In his daily life tasks online training, tournaments, seminars, and growing business were added. Brandon sees himself as a coach and instructor. He did not like to see himself as a competitor.

There is a prominent part of jiu-jitsu success. It also keeps up with the steady evolution of training in judo, wrestling, MMA, and Sambo. Brandon is popular for his tremendous capacity to clarify and translate data to beginners. He also helps them to apply what they just learned instantly into their tournament. Brandon had a style that is attacking muscle memory. It means the catching style of a competitor. Brandon is also famous for his technique of leg locks. Jiu-Jitsu Magazine headlined him twice. In that magazine, there were ten pages scattered on his technique of leg locks. Through his huge selling DVD production, he became very popular. He also had a DVD on leg locks and attacking the guard. The DVD’s name is “fade to black”.

Brandon's website :

Brandon uses a website named It is a free database of videos. He uses it for his fans and associates to formulate an archive of videos. He did it for instruction and learning can be fulfilled properly.  Brandon also commented on the CUFF. He also ran jiu-jitsu training camps and it was completed by him.

False Information and buzzes about Brandon:

We all have the idea that controversy in BJJ can mean the death of a career. Yet in the case of Brandon Quick, he has kicked off the rumors and impeded the pessimists. He has handled several inquiries over one thing in BJJ. It is his specific yet unstable lineage. 

Once an issue of origin occurs, it seems that the rumors origin quote goes away his career. He looks like lowered into the MMA world out of nowhere. Accordingly, he constructed a kingdom Brandon Quick BJJ in Italy, Sweden, Tobago, Trinidad, and Belgium.

Achievements of Brandon:

In many Competitions, Brandon has fought and medalled. Brandon has his true successes with his school and his students. Actual scores are not known yet. Some of his achievements are given below:

  • In Texas, Spain, Sweden he has schools.

  • NAGA Champions.

  • He won a Fight to Buik of the Mats.

  • In 2012, Oklahostudent State Chameleon.



  • American Grappling Federation Champions

We tried to cover the essential information about Brandon Quick. We hope people will get enough data about Brandon Quick from this post. If anyone needs any more information about any famous boxer, let us know through the comments section.

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