7 Best Karate GI [Reviewed and Rated 2022]


Your opponent is staring at you, with zero blinking or movement. Both of you are waiting for the first move. You’re quite confident about not losing, at least not this. Moreover, you’re more experienced and skilled than him. But damn! After a few seconds, you’ve discovered yourself on the ground, lying like a bird that … Read more

What are the order and colors of belts in karate?


Karate is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes the development of defensive and counter-attacking body movements. Traditional karate training emphasizes fighting and self-defense, but it also includes mental and moral components that attempt to improve an individual’s overall health. However, karate has a primitive and long history. But the karate belt system is a comparatively … Read more

Definition of Mokuso and know about its Importance


People recognized Mokuso as a martial art. Before and after a karate training session, it is commonly performed to prepare and clean the mentality. It is a meditation practice in Japanese martial arts like Karate. In this post, we will talk about the Mokuso practice, the process of doing it, and its importance. Do you … Read more

Some Prominent and Basic Karate Stances


There are numerous and different types of martial arts in this world and karate is one of them. It is one of the most prominent martial arts. Karate has four main styles. In martial art karate, Stance is mainly concerned with the direction of the lower portion of the body. Crucial, rapidly, accurate, and smoothly … Read more