Best MMA Fighting Quotes


In this world, sometimes every single person can get motivation from someone else. It could be a form of encouragement that comes from a smile, a contest, or a motivational quote. A motivational quote can push a man to success. MMA has been a great sport for years. It is a goldmine for soundbites and … Read more

Corkscrew Punch with its Popular Techniques


A corkscrew punch is a prominent punch that is delivered to the hand with a twist. Some fighters and other skilled boxers of different martial arts have made related discoveries stemming from many variations of the corkscrew punch. In slashing and tearing opponents, this punching technique was crucial. These days with proper impact, you can … Read more

The Best and Prominent Lethwei Fighter- Tway Ma Shaung


Lethwei is a fighting sport from Myanmar. It uses stand-up striking along with numerous clinching procedures. In the sport, every decade comes to an extra outstanding fighter. They had tremendous fights, won numerous championship crowns, or were the best all-around performers. People know lethwei as Burmese Boxing and Myanmar Traditional Boxing. It is both a … Read more

The 10 Best Boxers In MMA At present-You Should Know


According to a survey, boxing lovers are increasing day by day. The players are winning people’s hearts by showing their good fighting skills. Many people are also getting inspired by those fighters. The wrestlers’ skill, aggression, and style are also unique, which we loved so much. Their fan followers are also increasing day by day. … Read more

How to Strike and Survive from Kidney Punch?


Kidneys are so crucial for the human body. It discards trash and another fluid volume from our bodies. Our kidneys also peel off various acids. These acids are generated by the cells of our body.  A kidney punch occurs when a player has his back swiveled towards the foe or competitor. It has several strong … Read more