What are the pros and cons of Muay Thai?


Muay Thai is the most celebrated Martial Art practiced not only in Thailand but also all over the world. Because the art has a wide range of effectiveness or self-defense purposes. Today we will discuss some of the pros and cons of Muay Thai. About Muay Thai: In ancient times, martial arts were used on … Read more

What should I wear to a Muay Thai class?


Nowadays Muay Thai is one of the tremendously well-known martial arts. It has been ascertained to be beneficial. It is the widespread hitting root in numerous kinds of sports of MMA. It is moreover best for self-defense. Most people know it by many names like Thai boxing, Thai kickboxing, etc. It regulates the full body … Read more

Where can I learn Muay Thai online?


Learning Muay Thai online is not an easy course of training. It is more difficult than the lessons taken in classes in person. But of course, if you can pick up the basic disciplines on your own and get primarily acquainted with the movements of Muay Thai Martial Arts you can sign up and get … Read more

Is Muay Thai great for self-defense?


It is widely recognized as Muay Thai as one of the best Martial Arts for self-defense. It is a great root discipline to make into mixed martial arts. Today we will talk about whether muay Thai is good for self-defense or not! Best Self Defense martial art: Muay martial art teaches people how to maintain … Read more