Is there anything I should do or know before starting Muay Thai?

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 There are so many things to do or know before you start taking Muay Thai lessons regularly. As a Beginner, the thought of Muay Thai might sound daunting. But in fact, Muay Thai of all martial arts is the easiest one to start with. Starting up with the basics following the steps by steps with proper practice and dedication you will reach your goal. You need some mental preparation regarding yourself as an aspirant for future celebrated muay Thai fighter. In this post, we will discuss whether there is anything I should do or know before starting Muay Thai or not!

Muay Thai idea:

There are fundamental aspects of Muay Thai martial art as to its merit and demerit that a student should know before deciding whether he would learn this serious martial art or not. As it is a dangerous sport that could leave an opponent in a competition with a long-lasting pain so an eager student must consult an expert before he decides. With the help of Muay Thai Trainer, you can easily get yourself prepared to start the beginners class and then full-fledged training classes. Your trainer is supposed to advise you with some must must-dos don’ts as to the rules of Muay Thai fighting.

Before you start learning Muay Thai Martial art techniques you better have a little knowledge about the history of Muay Thai. It is the most celebrated national sport of Thailand. The martial art was born out of a necessity with origins emerging from military use. It was dating back to around the thirteenth century the time the Sukhothai Kingdom had to defend itself from the neighboring dynasty’s soldiers’ aggression.

The preparation and prohibition before starting muay Thai:

  • Wear gym-style attire, hand gloves to safeguard wrist strain, and a casual t-shirt for comfort.
  • Wear basic Thai shorts or related stuff.
  • Stop eating too much. Quit eating at least 30 minutes before practicing the class. 
  • Eat healthy food. Be hydrated well ahead of class time and keep a lot of drinking water to drink at an interval.
  • Spend as much time as you can for intense practice to become a fast martial art learner and compete professionally.
  • Practice clinching very well to avoid getting hurt and to create a chance to attack with the knees.
  • Throw kicks in the shadow and on the gym bag every day because your legs, out of other limbs, are stronger and the most lethal weapon to thwart your opponent.
  • Endure the heat and weather and other inflictions to toughen your body and mind.
  • Keep open your mind and focus your attention on your trainer’s every technique to fight against your future opponent with utmost confidence and capabilities.
  • You need a groin protector only when you practice in sparring or real competition. 
  • You always need a quality skipping rope to heat you and expand cardiovascular fitness, and also toning muscles. It is an essential piece of exercise equipment for every athlete and it should be used regularly to maintain good health.

Equipment for starting Muay Thai:


Every practitioner needs a bag to practice heavy punching techniques to build strength to offend and defend. If any trainee does not want to carry the practice seriously to compete in the ring as a professional he does not need to buy a boxing bag. The Bag in the gym he practices as an amateur is enough for him. You do not need a mouthguard in a training class unless your trainer suggests you to. 

General fitness: 

If your aim is just to gain general fitness, and a well-shaped body you can easily attain this goal without much pain. But you need to continue the practice regularly. If you quit the practice all of a sudden your body might be bloated.

Final words:

The most significant advice is that you are forbidden to train yourself without the guidance of a skilled trainer. If you practice alone, you will teach yourself wrong things and you will end up in bad habits.

It is worth mentioning that in ancient times when the muay was invented this military art was brutally used as a weapon in the battle to kill combatants. Today,  it has become a fighting art mainly to enjoy watching. Of course, there is an undeniable fact that everybody needs to know a certain basic technique of Muay Thai art to self-defend from an unknown assailant on the street or to stop a drunkard brawl in a bar. The art utilizes 8 limbs of the human body namely punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. You must learn the technique of how to effectively use these limbs. An experienced martial art teacher of this will certainly help you out, providing you with all other help by answering your questions.

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