Why are the top UFC and MMA fighters so hurt?

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MMA,Mixed Martial Arts, is a type of combat sport. The UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, is an organisation that promotes MMA fights. In fact, the UFC is the biggest league in all Mixed Martial Arts. Today we shall discuss the plight of the top UFC and MMA fighters regarding their physical hurting in the fights.

Endurance to pain

No athletes are immune to pain. Fighters under the UFC and MMA Professionals all are humans as well. The word “professional” means a person engaged in a specified activity, especially a sport, as a paid occupation rather than as a pastime. Fighting is their job. They fight despite the risk of getting hurt seriously, even death. They train to defend themselves and offend opponents. They also train to avoid injury, at least less seriously. They feel the pain, suffer from the injuries they receive, yet the pain is bearable. MMA fighters are supposed to get hurt during competition. For them, it doesn’t matter. Because the goal of winning the contest suppresses the pain. “No Pain, No Gain.”

Vulnerable parts of MMA fighters

  mostly suffer from the injuries in the face and the head, receiving hard strikes like punches, elbows, and kicks to those upper parts of the body. The most common nature of injuries are: Fractures, broken nose, orbital bone, jaw, abrasions, facial fracture.

Mixed Martial Arts is an athletic sport, but unlike other common athletic sports like soccer (football) or running, jumping. If a football player feels bad, he is withdrawn from the pitch by a replacement. But an MMA fighter is committed to carry on the contest to reach the goal with intensified fight within limited time. MMA fighters chose this masculine fighting, knowing the more or less injury and pain from the very beginning of training. In professional MMA fighting there happens sudden win and loss. Just one appropriate punch can create a Knockout or Technical knockout to win the competition. So, top UFC and MMA fighters fight hard as long as they can endure the pain. That’s why they often get hurt, which they don’t mind. More importantly, even if they lose the fight they get paid.

Benefits of Adrenaline

When MMA fighters are absolutely busy fighting in the Octagon, they get less hurt. 

The release of adrenaline helps increase their mental concentration on fighting. Of course it doesn’t take the pain away, rather it distracts them from the sensation of pain. Owing to an adrenaline rush, for the time being fighters forget to feel the pain. Taking advantage of these situations they keep fighting until one of them fully submits.

Also, an injured fighter naturally gets the benefits of adrenaline as it triggers the blood vessels to contact to redirect blood toward major muscle groups, including the heart and lungs. As a result of adrenaline rush, the body’s ability to feel pain lessened. That’s why MMA fighters, when injured, feel less pain physically and psychologically. 

There is man made synthetic adrenaline to use for different purposes, especially after surgical operation to stop bleeding. It helps blood coagulate. However, the artificial adrenaline is used for the patient who naturally cannot produce it. Every able bodied person can produce the hormone to reduce the impact of injury. An MMA fighter’s apparent pain is not that severe as it looks.

MMA Tragic Death

Mixed Martial Arts are well known for their brutality. The arts consist of many dangerous martial arts. Most people perceive this combat sport as more dangerous than any other combat sports. This is because of the pretty liberal rules and a high level of tolerance to violence while fighting in a cage. That is why MMA is illegal or legally restricted in some countries around the world and not yet recognized in the Olympics. 

MMA has very specific rules in place to avoid potentially dangerous consequences. 

Although there have been no deaths in UFC history. 

As of April 2019, there have been seven recorded deaths from sanctioned Mixed Martial Arts contests, and nine deaths from unregulated bouts. 

No UFC deaths have ever occurred so far, mostly because the promotional organisation strictly enforces rules and regulations. But other promoters do not put enough restrictions on MMA fighters, which let the contestants in the Octagon go crazy, losing control and getting engaged in mortal fights.


Top UFC and MMA fighters are professional. Unlike amateurs their high voltage fights give them a lot in return of tough competition. Fighting is their career. They earn huge amounts of money and on top of everything, they crave fame. They want their name to be written in history. These high profile fighters hurt each other as much they can to win the most coveted prize.

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