Why do my hands shake after boxing?

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After boxing training sessions hands involuntarily shake mostly because of exhaustion and stress. When someone performs something extraordinary adrenaline glands produce hormones that trigger the changes in the human body. The changes are: Increasing the heart rate, often causing a feeling of the heart racing. Redirecting blood toward the muscles causing a sudden surge of energy and shaking limbs unwillingly. Today’s topic looks like more medical science than a sports discussion.

Reasons why your hands shake after boxing:

After intense exercise in boxing, your hands become exhausted and involuntarily shake. If your hands do not suffer from any physical injury then your hands start feeling the blood flow caused by stress hormones produced from adrenal glands. The hormones can increase your heart rate, blood pressure and it also causes the blood to flow to your muscles. Muscles under action may also tense up as they prepare to take quick response. Under the stress of blood rush the exhausted hands feel tired and refuse to work. So it shakes. 

 An emotional happy feeling after a physical performance may produce more and more adrenaline hormones which could cause muscle twitching uncontrollably, also making hands shake involuntarily. The part of the limbs that is more weak becomes the target of adrenaline rush. If anybody’s heart is weak owing to multiple reasons might be the target of adrenaline rush. The target of adrenaline rush  means to cause shaking whether it is hand or heart. Under the stress of an adrenaline rush that beats heart faster than usual, sometimes seen fielders miss the easy catch in a cricket sport. However, we are not talking about cricket, though. 

Besides the above reasons, inappropriate boxing practice or fighting style can harm the inside mechanism.

Some common reasons of shaking hands:

There are 27 bones within the wrist and the hand. There are also tendons, muscle, carpal tunnel, artery. If one of them is injured the boxer might feel the boxing hand numb and shaky too. If one of the parts is hurt, the mechanism might be affected and as a result stops working properly. There are also commonplace reasons for shaking hands after boxing are dehydration and lack of nutritional food. Therefore the solution for the problem is so simple: keep hydrated and eat  healthy and balanced food. Above all, boxing practice must be under an experienced trainer as long as the problem exists. 

Every boxer does not suffer from hand-shaking immediately after boxing training for sure. Since the basic nature of this sport is damaging, the boxer must follow the rules of “safety first”.

Final Words:

If you practice boxing easily but regularly from the beginning and let your hands endure slowly and gradually,  one day you will see your hands are not shaking after boxing. Because your hands have become mature enough to overcome the external and internal weaknesses.

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