Why is boxing not a school sport?

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Boxing is a combative sport intending to hurt each other. It belongs to a serious kind of martial arts. Unnatural death could happen from boxing injuries. A regular school is an institution where students are taught knowledge of different branches that helps the world to run smoothly. Let’s talk about the reasons why boxing is not a  school sport.

The reasons behind boxing is not a school sport:

The first and foremost reason is fighting cannot be part of education in a school. Other than boxing,  there are so many unharmful sports available to play. And most schools afford most sports we are going to discuss.

We have a list of the most popular sports played by High School Students across the United States of America and other countries in the world. 

 Football:Football is the most popular sport played in  America and the neighboring country Canada. American football is different from the rest of the world which is called “soccer” in America. Football in America is a team sport with two teams of eleven players. The football pitch is rectangular with goalposts at each end. The football looks like an oval shape. 

Track and Field: Most popular athlete sport played in America and many other countries. Under this name, there are at least half a dozen athletic sports. These are Road running, Cross country running, Racewalking, Sprints, Hurdling, and Middle and long-distance events. 

Baseball: A very popular game in the USA. It is a bat-and-ball sport played by two teams. Each team consists of 9 players. They take turns batting and fielding. 

Basketball: Basketball, usually indoors, is a game played by five players on each team on a rectangular court. Each team tries to score by tossing the ball through the opponent’s elevated basket. It is also a very popular game in the USA. Basketball is also a very popular sport played all over the world including in Bangladesh.

Soccer: Soccer is no more an alien game in the United States. The popularity of soccer (football) in the US has been growing since the late 1960s. Its attention and interest from people when the United States hosted the 1994 FIFA World Cup and 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Soccer is the fourth most popular game in the US after American Football, Baseball, and Basketball. 

Tennis: Tennis is also a very sophisticated sport. It is a racket sport played individually against a single opponent. It is also played by two teams. Each team consists of two players. Each player uses a cord-made racket to volley or strike a hollow rubber ball around a net into the opponent’s court that is legally marked.

The goal of Educational Institutions:

The goal of an educational institution is to run the world with a brain not just by physical strength. Boxing damages the brain. The World Medical Association recommends that boxing should be banned. 

In most developed countries people are widely insured so that they can live a tension-free life. Likewise, all school students are covered by health insurance. But insurance policies do not cover the sport of boxing at all. Because boxing causes serious injuries regardless of the winner or the defeated. So there will be a lot of insurance claims the insurance companies can hardly deny. 

On top of everything, students with chronic brain injury cannot become good students to create their careers for the reasons they spend money and time. Without sports life, especially the lives of youth could be indifferent. In developed countries, schools have the facilities to evaluate students’ mental health. And to augment their psychological health they train them in sports they like from above mentioned physical games. 

Final Words:

Boxing as a sport in a school cannot be added as an extra curriculum mainly because of two reasons. Ethical and Material. No knowledge-based schools arrange to let students fight each other instead of studying. And no insurance companies would be interested to insure them because they certainly lose money to the claims.

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