What is the difference between MMA and hybrid martial arts?


Hybrid martial arts  are interesting enough that someone might hardly have heard of them before. Still, it is worth talking about. From biology to technology, hybrids are everywhere. The offspring of animals of different species, or the offspring of different plants. They are called hybrids when they are crossed. A mule is an offspring of … Read more

What is Mixed Martial Arts Training?


MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) training is multifaceted. Because it incorporates techniques from boxing, judo, karate, jujitsu, wrestling, muay Thai, and other disciplines. This article regarding MMA training benefits the practitioners, offering good health and participating in matches. MMA fighting feature: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport. It allows varieties of fighting skills and … Read more

Are either kickboxing or MMA included as sports in the Special Olympics?


Special Olympics, founded on August 2 in 1968, Washington, D.C., USA, is the world’s largest humanitarian sports organisation for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. It provides training and other sports related activities to more than 5 million participants throughout the year. It also provides the same service to the Unified Sports Partners … Read more

Why do some MMA fighters train at high altitudes?


Some MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) fighters prefer to train at high altitudes mostly because of gaining control over breathing. The topic deals with the oxygen level at high altitudes as some MMA fighters train within the condition of air. Reasons for some MMA fighters train at high altitudes: Breathing factor MMA fights are mostly about managing … Read more

What does a professional MMA training camp look like and how long is it?


A professional MMA training camp is the particular period of time when the fighter is given intensive training and coaching ahead of an organized fighting match. Today’s topic is about MMA Training Camp before scheduled fighting. MMA Camp Training duration: The time duration before a fight camp is traditionally 6-10 weeks. Of course, the camp … Read more

What types of jobs do MMA fighters do when not Fighting?


MMA fighters are very energetic people. They do not like a sedentary lifestyle at all. Today’s discussion dominates the working lifestyle of MMA fighters when they are off professional fighting. Earning money while not fighting: MMA fighters come from different walks of lives. Their lives are kind of desperate. They look for quick  and sure … Read more

What does it take to become a coach in MMA?


An MMA  coach is a specialized sports person who trains people for contests of the sport. Today’s topic is how to become a professional MMA coach. Becoming a coach in MMA: An MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) coach must be vastly skilled and experienced in the same sport line. The more MMA coaches are qualified, the … Read more