How different does it feel to get hit by 8 oz gloves compared to 16 oz in a boxing fight?

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The use of hand gloves in a bout is mandatory. Boxing competition gloves are made by weight, but it is known by their size. Today’s topic is about the impact generated by boom glove sizes.

Get hit by 8 oz gloves compared to 16 oz in a boxing fight:

The boxing governing bodies sanction 8 oz. gloves for the lighter weight classes and 10 oz. gloves for the heavier weight classes. The less the weight of the boxing hand gloves the more the impact creates. An 8 oz. and 10 oz. size gloves are designed for professional bouts. These sizes of gloves are meant for serious and decisive fights. 

An 8 oz. gloves are more exposed than any other gloves. So the boxer wearing it can cause a sharp pain to the opponent. So can 10 oz. gloves. On the other hand, 16 oz. gloves are heavier and made with more pads around them to reduce the impact of the injury. A punch wearing a 16-ounce hand glove feels like a dull thud while an 8-ounce glove punch causes sparkles and stars in the eyes of the opponent. Of course, a punch even wearing 16-ounce gloves can cause damage to a person who is not a boxer at all. 

In boxing, sparring practice is essential. During sparring sessions, boxers usually wear 16-ounce padded gloves to protect their wrist and fingers. Heavily padded gloves also protect sparring partners from cuts and facial injuries during training, especially before a fight. Having said that, the desired outcome of boxing depends on the force of the punch. 

In other words, without the required force of thrust, even the lighter gloves that are 8 oz will not work. Likewise, a strong punch wearing 16 oz gloves can knock out an opponent as long as the boxer possesses a power punch. Also, if a heavyweight boxer wears 16oz. boxing gloves and hitting one after another fist,  he can defeat the opponent. No matter what sizes of boxing gloves he wears. But this is not the ideal way of boxing.  He cannot continue this practice in the ring because the extra weight of gloves will affect his hands.

About 16 oz globes and 8 oz globes:

16 oz gloves are standard and made for large and big hands essentially to use for sparring and training safely. There is no chance to get fingers hurt unless the punches are thrown at the boxing bag inappropriately. 

While 8 oz. gloves are just half the weight of 16 oz. sparring gloves. The 8-ounce weighted gloves are quite fit for fighting in professional matches. The lowest weight category, called mini flyweight or minimum weight, below 105 pounds (approx 48 kgs) of professional boxers are supposed to wear 8 oz. gloves while fighting.

Final Words:

In professional bouts, there is practically a big difference between the hits caused by an 8 oz. glove and 16 oz. glove. The punch by 8 oz. gloves felt much hurting, while 16 oz. gloves would feel like a dull thud if it is used in a boxing fight.

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