What is the difference between American Style boxing and Mexican Style boxing?

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Culturally different, two different countries-USA and Mexico have produced so many popular professional boxers. Mexico is a country located in southern North America. A long border of 3,169 km in the north separates Mexico and the United States of America. Today’s subject matter is about the boxing styles of Mexico and the USA. 

Differences between American Style boxing and Mexican Style boxing:

First thing first, the Mexican Boxing Style usually refers to a brawling and an aggressive style of boxing. Mostly in a common attitude towards life, Mexican culture and lifestyle are quite something else. They hate humiliating defeat.  Maybe they start fighting aggressively not to lose any chance to win. So some of their boxing styles are actionable, though legal but dirty. They punch, kick or strike with a knee to the side of the cage a lot of brutal body punches, and they often use the left hook to the liver causing unbearable pain. These sorts of shots might incapacitate a boxer. 

Boxing is the most popular sport in Mexico. Mexico is the second largest world champion boxer producer after the United States. The country is poor, relatively speaking to the USA, but it has many celebrated world-class fighters. The people of Mexico at home and abroad eagerly look forward to the schedule of boxing matches. As if a boxing match is a respite to their lives. As they are not well educated, unfortunately, they work hard physically, even in America, to earn bread and butter for their families. Living next to a rich country, the USA, Mexico’s poverty is starkly noticeable. But their spirit of working hard is praiseworthy. Through aggressive fighting, they try to display the tablet strength that remains inside to encourage them.

Indigenous culture greatly influences Mexican cultures. Superficially Mexican boxing is often interpreted as brawling and aggressiveness as if that is part of their daily lives. Dirty boxing is also attributed to their good sport.  Initially, they start fighting offensively rather than defensively which is aggressive. They often risk their lives to accomplish present achievement. 

Most of the boxers, wherever they come from doot matter, at more or less to dirty boxing to save themselves when they are at bay. But Mexican boxers tend to use dirty boxing styles more than any others. It needs to be clarified what dirty boxing is. When a fighter throws short punches, clinching each other while holding the opponent’s back of the head to tactically gain an advantage. Though dirty boxing is technically legal, it is very much underrated and disgusting. As we said, Mexican boxers tend to be more aggressive while American boxers tend to be more technical. American boxers usually fight defensively while waiting for powerful punching, wishing to end the game soon. 

Besides the above difference between American and Mexican styles, there are hardly any differences between the two countries’ boxing styles. But few boxing styles American boxers skillfully practice.

Some of the best swarmers(in-fighters) of all time:

  1. Mike Tyson.
  2. Joe Frazier.
  3. Jake LaMotta.
  4. Rocky Marciano.
  5. Julio César Chávez

 The Mexican most celebrated boxer is julio. He is treated as the national hero. To put it in a nutshell he is the pride of Mexico. As a swarmer (in-fighter), he is one of the unbeatable fighters. His strong chin-punching and devastating left hook made him popular among his fans. He is the gold standard boxer. Every boxer in Mexico is judged by his style of boxing.

About some boxing styles:

The out-boxer: 

The out-boxer is the opposite of the swarmer. The out-boxer maintains a distance from their opponent and fights with faster and longer-range punches.

The Slugger: 

The slugger is a fighter that practices the slugger approach to the opponent. He relies on power punches to knock out his opponent. To end the game in a short period, slugger-style boxing is most effective.


The boxer-puncher is generally considered an all-rounder fighter. As the boxer-puncher has solid extra ability to compete with the above boxers he can overpower them in the end. For effective strikes, fighters need to learn both boxing and punching simultaneously. 

The Pressure fighter:

 The Pressure fighter aims to overcome his opponents with powerful combinations. He dances and stalks, keeping some distance from his opponent across the ring while looking for that fight-ending knockout blow. Practically, it is an offensive style of boxing, especially for those who want to end fights within distance.

 The above boxing styles are not rigid and are not the sole property of US boxers. Over time boxers change their styles of fighting. Many boxers also do not always fit into the categories mentioned above. 

When boxing experts are asked how the Mexican Style of boxing differs from American they hardly find a satisfactory answer. The so-called “Mexican Style” and “American Style” of boxing are two different names only. Offensive and Defensive. However, Mexican styles of boxing start with offensive attacks while American styles try to play defensive by applying casual boxing to probe the opponent’s vulnerable sides. Professional boxing matches are a great gateway to attract people all around the world to make the sport popular, trying to inspire vigor into the hearts of boxing beholders.  In the case of boxing fighting between Mexico and America, sentiments run high among the fans. Even racial questions are raised. Fans get frenzy. The media becomes a tool to sell tickets or pay-per-view to grab some money using fans’ sentiments. It furthermore reignites the heated conversations that died down.

Final Words:

In short, there are undeniably some remarkable differences between American and Mexican boxing. But it is not incorrigible. Any time both countries’ trainers can fix it. the difference between e and die hard even in the name of a game.

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