What do boxers do in a training camp before a major fight?

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Ahead of a boxing match, a boxer needs to go through a lot of procedures to be fit for fighting. About 6 to 8 weeks are required to prepare a boxer before a match. During this period, the boxer trains intensively under the care of a coach or trainer. In this topic, we will discuss what boxers in a training camp do before a major fight.

Before a major fight Boxers train:

Along with practicing boxing he also needs other strong physical exercises that include:running for cardiovascular improvement or to keep it at the required level so that no problem arises during a fight. Sparring to keep the fighting habit even more active, trying to box with a person or persons strong enough like his opponent for whom he is sparring now.

Circuit Training:

Circuit Training is a form of body conditioning that helps the body to naturally accept an unknown before conditioning. It involves a wide range of training like Endurance Training, Resistance Training, High-Intensity Aerobics, and other exercises performed in a circuit.


Weight lifting provides the greatest benefit in shaping the skeletal muscle and makes it strong complementing other exercises. Weight lifting also contributes to burning body fat, strengthening bones and joints, reducing injury risk, building increasing confidence levels, and also improving cardio and heart health. It is not only an added quality for a boxer to the weight, but he also, but also needs to feel strong inside. He needs multifaceted strength to face his opponent.

High-intensity Interval Training:

The training is highly methodical. With a short interval for brief recovery, it is an intense dive training until the trainee exhausts. The anaerobic exercise is treated to the extreme level to release the energy system.


For better mental, emotional, oral, and physical health exercise is necessary for a boxer. The entire aim of yoga is to control the breath, grow through meditation, achieve self-relaxation, and self-reflect. These are the abstract benefits of yoga. There are more benefits of yoga. Yoga also provides a regular disciplined life. Yoga practitioners start the day with exercise. It is an ideal aerobic workout. For many reasons, Boxers find yoga beneficial including it helps keep body shape tight. Many sports teams have added yoga sessions into their training sessions.


 Pilates is a type of mind-body exercise developed by German physical trainer Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It is named after his name. To control the body and mind game Pilates has proved to have played a successful role. Pilates called his method “Contrology”. The method is practiced around the world, especially in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. 

According to the experts of Pilates, an initial, ally 20 minutes of a pilates session 3 to a week is enough. The time duration should be increased if the practitioner feels comfortable with the exercise and needs more of it to get benefits.

Boxing drills:

Fighting camp trainers teach the boxer ahead of the most crucial boxing drills with special emphasis. The drills include the use of orthodox stance and southpaw stance that determine how to place defending and dominating hands to jab, cross, hook, and also, to punch most effectively to gain the points. 

Besides, there is other simple mitt work that involves the presentation of punching targets. Boxers are given a fraction of seconds to defend themselves from the opponent’s attack. That’s why they have to react very fast. Speed is one of the main factors in boxing

Speed bag:

The speed bag is designed to move quickly after being hit by the boxers. It helps build more stamina and improve boxers’ hand-eye coordination. Boxers are also required to Rope jump Punch the baPull-ups ups, Push-ups, and Chin-ups training camp.

Final words:

The boxer will regularly attend the training camp and exercise under the supervision of the coach. But he should not exceed one hour of boxing training per day in the two weeks preceding the fighting day.  Six to Eight weeks before the fight is a crucial time for the fighter. During this period, he has to perform everything mentioned above. And even more, if required. 

Most importantly, the boxers in training camp must focus on body weight performers to achieve the standard body weight. If necessary, he must go on a diet to cut the weight. The trainer in the fighting camp also boosts the fighter’s morale.

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