Why is boxing not a school sport?


Boxing is a combative sport intending to hurt each other. It belongs to a serious kind of martial arts. Unnatural death could happen from boxing injuries. A regular school is an institution where students are taught knowledge of different branches that helps the world to run smoothly. Let’s talk about the reasons why boxing is … Read more

Do you know who is a better boxing referee, Tony Weeks or Kenny Bayless?


A Boxing referee is an official who controls matches, prevents rules from being broken by the competitors, and also takes decisions regarding knockouts. A boxing referee also acts like a judge. His body language helps the ringside sitting judges to score the fighters. Today we have chosen Tony Weeks and Kenny Bayless to figure out … Read more

Do people know what is the difference between amateur boxing gloves and professional boxing gloves?


In boxing competitions, amateurs and professionals wear different sizes of boxing gloves. The size of gloves also depends on boxing weight divisions. Today’s topic is about amateurs’ and professionals’ boxing gloves that represent their way of life. About Amateur and professional boxing gloves: According to US boxing rules, an amateur boxer is not allowed to … Read more

What is underground boxing?


The word “underground” strongly suggests that this is not a normal kind of boxing. It is rather very unusual to fight with ulterior motives. Today we will discuss what underground boxing is! About Underground Boxing: The World Boxing Association (WBA), has created Underground Boxing for the advancement and systematic development of boxing. They believe it … Read more