Corkscrew Punch with its Popular Techniques

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A corkscrew punch is a prominent punch that is delivered to the hand with a twist. Some fighters and other skilled boxers of different martial arts have made related discoveries stemming from many variations of the corkscrew punch. In slashing and tearing opponents, this punching technique was crucial. These days with proper impact, you can still cause lasting damage to your competitor with all the safety. In this post, we will cover the necessary facts about the Corkscrew punch with its super techniques.

Corkscrew Punch:

A popular punching method is called corkscrew punch. People can often hear old school boxing trainers in the gym referencing this punch technique by saying the sentence “Turn your drives over or punches over”. The phrase Corkscrew punch was formulated by a prominent boxer Charles Kid. It was invented between 1891-1916.

Some Benefits of the corkscrew punch:

There are prominent reasons people have heard over the years observing the corkscrew punch. The advantages of this punch are given below:

Boost power and increase stability:

Corkscrew punch boosts your power and increases stability rapidly. It also enhances your punch speed. By using this technique, you can have better force transferring. Then it becomes really easy to twist your whole body.

Best Protection of hands:

Using this technique when you punch, your forearms deliver more strength to your wrists. Many boxers end up hurt while throwing power punches. So when you obtain the corkscrew technique, you safeguard your hands as the fact of effect are your knuckles pursued by the thumb. Therefore, your knuckles create early contact with the competitor’s body. Then it automatically reduces any types of the danger of injuries.

Protects Your Chin:

This technique will help you to protect your chin. Use this technique for yourself. The time you knock a corkscrew punch, automatically your shoulder lifts and naturally this does protect your chin. Many people have analyzed several times the significance of the shoulder in shielding your chin. So by using this corkscrew punch method, you easily defend your chin against a probable counter which is an enormous benefit.

Proper Defensive Posture:

Without bending at a specific angle, you can not perform the corkscrew punch. Therefore, when you do it, your competitor will have a difficult time struggling to catch you with a counterattack. Still, it does not imply you use this strategy all time. This technique of punches work nicely butif you overdo them many punches work against you. Try ignoring the corkscrew stab as it does not put you in a good role as you can not follow up with other varieties. In a corkscrew punch, even uppercuts are scarcely strange when attempting to execute them.

The corkscrew punch technique's principles:

Some strategies of throwing Corkscrew Punch:

For straight purchases, the strategy of Corkscrew punch:

For facing down the palm, First twirl the entire arm, shoulder, elbow, fist as you broaden your fist.

The strategy of the Corkscrew punch technique for uppercuts:

First, you have to use the reverse motion. Then rotate your whole arm inwards. 

As you sift the uppercut so that your punch lands down inner to support the uppercut. This category of corkscrew strategy is not essential for all uppercuts. For tight uppercuts on the inside, it is extremely effective. This technique is a little challenging because it does not follow a similar motion

The Strategy of Corkscrew punch technique for head hooks:

The main purpose here is to reach your punch with your elbow either being at the exact level as the hooks. So, it is only about the angle at which you punch. 

Using this technique, throwing an overhand left or a right hook is very easy.

First, twirl your whole arm, shoulder, elbow, fist as you swing the hook.

Unknown things of the corkscrew punch technique:

There are some secret techniques in the corkscrew punch. For knowing them, give a glance at the below.

Secret 1: To rotate the fist snap your shoulders:

Do not concentrate on your fist again. First, try to elicit a punch effect from the extensively powerful muscles farther back in the arm, especially the lat muscles and shoulders. Then all you need to do is twirl the forearm and elbow. After that automatically the fist will turn with it.

The next step is relaxing your full arm and then only snapping with your lat and shoulder muscles. After obtaining the snap right, all it takes is a little squeeze from the forearm, fist. Finally, you will feel an extremely strong snapping punch.

Secret 2: You need not worry about the first. You just have to think about the whole arm, extremely the shoulder, and elbow. Then you have to make an effort to feel the snap and rapid rotation in your elbow and shoulder. This will need a relaxed arm and then sauce with the punch motion.

The moment you do it perfectly, you will see your elbow flick up rapidly as your entire arm supports the punch. Many skilled boxers suggest practicing the corkscrew punches with straight punches first. You require an extremely flexible arm to the corkscrew right. Sometimes it makes boxers feel like they are using a lot of stamina. However, For people who are push punchers or someone who prefers to drive through every punch, an extended time slows them down.


Do not use the corkscrew method in the ring unless you are knowledgeable about it. First, learn to maintain your wrist and thumb if you are not used to the corkscrew action.


We tried to cover the necessary things about the corkscrew punch. We hope this detailed corkscrew tutor enabled you to know some useful points about this developed boxing technique. Please let us know if you want to know more about this topic.

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