Female Muay Thai Fighters

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Over the last few years, The female Muay Thai competition has risen amazingly. It has developed beyond the local exhibits in Phuket and Chiang Mai. This sport streamed to an international audience and grew to weekly television scenes. Muay Hardcore, Yokkao, Super Champ, one championship features female muay Thai fighters. For skilled and experienced female fighters, improving disclosure provides extra combatting opportunities.

The components have furnished enormous fight pouches, earnings from sponsorships, and a boost in the integrity of female fighters. Today, in this post, we will talk about the best female muay Thai fighters with their records.

Details of Muay Thai Female Fighters:

Loanee Wor Santai:

Loanee Wor Santai is a prominent muay Thai fighter. She stays in Thailand and uses the outstanding styles of muay Thai. She is one of the most outstanding fighters out of all female fighters. She is a specialized fighter that uses all of the methods. She obtains numerous techniques available to her to fight against her opposition. She has an extraordinary list of hundreds of fights. She only lost eight times. Unique spectators of the muay Thai sport evaluate her to be a master of the biggest female Muay Thai fighters. She obtained the championship eight times in Thailand. She won the WMC title. In 2015, she also got another IFMA title.

Allycia Rodrigues:

Allycia began her Muay Thai path in her born country Brazil. In Brazil, she gained an arena title. After that, to follow her dreams of becoming a Thai fighter, she moved to Thailand. Recently she accomplished the tremendous win of her career. In the Phuket fight club, she honed her skills. In March 2019, She achieved the Pink Belt title by beating the twelve-time World Champion. She gained a victory in the Women’s Atomweight Muay Thai title.

Alma Juniku:

Alma Juniku is a great female Muay Thai fighter. She has organized to obtain success in her career despite handling crucial expectations early on.

She came from Australia. Since she came from Australia, she did not have as many chances as other countries. In her childhood, she took up soccer. She was enhanced by jumps and edges. She came up quickly but earned an appearance with a solid achievement.

At the age of eight years old she fell curious about the sport muay Thai. She gained the Australia title and also won leading tournaments. Later, she progressed to a victory in the one championship atom weight.

Stamp Fairtex:

Stamp Fairtex’s real name is Natthawan. In the present world, She is one of the top female Muay Thai fighters competing. Her list of achievements is huge. She began practicing boxing at the age of five. At six years old, she began to participate in the competition. Her Muay Thai record is massive. At a local stadium, she achieved the championship. Later she became Thailand’s Northeastern champion. At the age of eighteen, she realized her dream that she expects to be a world champion. So she went to the Fairtex Gym in Pattaya.

She won the ONE Atomweight Muay Thai World championship. After that, she put a plan to win a third title in MMA. In MMA, she had an excellent record. She gained a successful kickboxing title. Later, Stamp welded her significance as one of the exclusive female fighters on the planet in her next fight. She signed a contract with one Championship in 2018.

Wondergirl Fairtex:

Wondergirl Fairtex is an amazing fighter in the muay Thai sport. She is one of the quickly prospering stars of female Muay Thai fighters. Since her championship debut, she is already preparing a hum. She came from Bangkok. At the age of six years old, she felt eager to learn Muay Thai. She trained under her father’s attentive eyes at their family gym. Her career came to be with one championship which led to success. She has earned more than fifty fights while winning a set of national titles. To become a better fighter, she went to Pattaya to instruct herself at the renowned Fairtex gym. Later she won her first two super series.

Tiffany Van Soest:

Tiffany Van Soest is one of the top female fighters in the kickboxing world. She won many competitions. She was raised in the US. When she was eight years old she began practicing karate techniques. In karate, she eventually attained a second degree black belt. When she was eighteen, transitioned to Muay Thai. Soest has won numerous titles and championships. She participates in both Muay Thai and kickboxing like many kickboxers in the West. She won lion fight promotions, Glory women’s super bantamweight champion, WBC Muay Thai, etc.

Janet Todd:

In the Muay Thai world, Janet Todd is one of the top popular fighters. Janet Todd was born in the USA. As she was raised in the USA, she did not have the many opportunities that other fighters have. She toured more diverse paths than other Muay Thai champions. At an early age in college, she suddenly found art a little. She bought hooked and has attained a lot in her short time in the sport. She won World games, the IFMA Pan American Championships gold medal, and the bronze medal at the IFMA World Championships.

After signing to one championship, she received the enormous break-in of her career. Then she fought against Fairtex for the ONE Championship Muay Thai Atomweight world title. Yet, she did not win the championship against Stamp but later got the opportunity once again to fight for a title. In 2020 February, Todd fought against Fairtex once more. She fought for the one Championship kickboxing atom weight title against her. In the second meet, Todd rose successfully. Then Todd walked away with her victory and the belt.

Sawsing Sor Sopit:

Sawsing Sor Sopit is one of the greatest skilled and festoons female Muay Thai fighters. She only lost thirty times. She won one hundred seventy times. At the age of nine years old she began practicing Muay Thai. She came from Thailand. She brags a difficult record of more than two hundred fights with over an eighty-three percent success rate.

In 2010, She won her first world title back and the WMC women’s title for one hundred fifteen lbs. In 2012, she won the world professional boxing federation title at featherweight. In 2012, she also achieved the featherweight belt and she won the WBC belt for super featherweight in 2017.

She won the most formerly seized Thai national title. She earned the title by winning against Erin Kowal.

Supergirl Jaroonsak:

Supergirl Jaroonsak is one of the top female Muay Thai fighters. She came from Thailand. In Thailand, she was raised. Her older sister’s name is Wondergirl Fairtex. 

Supergirl has been well recognized for her techniques of knifing knees. She was prominent for a hazardous procedure that has provoked various of her competitors down. She utilized it to full outcome in her Series debut. Under her belt, she took promise early on and has organized to accumulate more than forty Muay Thai fighters.  Like her sister, she began practicing muay Thai at their gym. The gym was their father’s and the gym name was Jaroonsak Muay Thai gym.

Anissa Meksen:

On the planet, Meksen is deemed to be the best female kickboxer. She has a huge jaw-dropping fight record. She won hundreds and only five losses. By way of the knockout, only thirty-two of those wins came. She came from France. In the future, Anissa will fight to achieve the Kickboxing title at Atomweight which is held by Janet Todd. If she wants to obtain a double then she has to beat the Muay Thai rules on Allycia. She has attained almost every glory and title in sports, especially in Muay Thai and Kickboxing. She won the WPMF championship and the former France Championship.


We tried to cover the essential information about some female muay Thai fighters. We hope people will get enough data about the popular female fighters from this post. If anyone needs any more information about any female boxer, let us know through the comments section.

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