Why in Thailand are there not many Heavyweight Muay Thai fighters?

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Thailand is one of the southeast Asian countries and the people there naturally tend to be much smaller than other Countries’ people. Yet to the praise of Muay Thai Martial Art which is developed in Thailand.

 Most Westerners interested extremely in learning and fighting, make the pilgrimage to Thailand to fight a few heavyweight Thai fighters. However, in this post, we will explain why there are not many heavyweights Muay Thai fighters in Thailand.

The reason behind fewer Heavyweight muay Thai fighters in Thailand:

 As the Thai fighter is short in height they cannot put on more weight than the standard one to become a heavyweight bout. This is the tragic side of Thai fighters. Yet, it does not necessarily mean that they cannot prove their worth in other forms of muay Thai fighting. In a heavyweight fight both the competitors must have the required amount of weight or just an extra pound of weight could be a mortal blow to the opponent. Broadly speaking, the most competitive weight classes in Thailand range from 108 to 126(49-57).

The fighters having this weight compete with each other, while the heaviest competitive class, especially a professional boxer, weighs more than 175 pounds(79.4kg). A Thai fighter cannot gain this heavyweight to become a heavyweight fighter, because his height would not permit him so. Thailand still reigns supreme with over 300 fighters ranked across all divisions.  In Thailand, there are not many Thai-born heavyweight Muay Thai fighters.

Final Words:

For many people, Muay Thai is better than many other styles. For hundreds of years, it has been evaluated in the sport and real-life conditions. In Thailand, Muay Thai fighters are rare to find. People can find muay Thai fighters in other countries.

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