What did MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal mean by “three piece and a soda”?

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Jorge Masvidal is an American professional MMA fighter. He was born on November 12, 1984, in Miami, Florida, USA. Among his spectacular performances, he holds the record for fastest knockout in UFC history taking only five seconds and won the inaugural UFC ‘BMF’ Championship belt. As of October 3, 2022, Masvidal is #6 in the UFC Welterweight rankings. Also, he still holds the BMF title in the UFC. Today we shall discuss the humorous saying “three piece and a soda” coined by Jorge Masvidal. The catch phrase became a source of laughter.

Three piece and soda:

The American fast food culture. Jorge Masvidal described his backstage cunning attack on Leon Edwards as a ‘three piece and a soda’. The comment was referring to the popular combo meal available in US food chains like KFC, McDonald’s and other delicatessen. For example three piece fried chicken drumsticks and a glass of soft drinks. Upon an altercation between them, who were supposed to fight a match later in that year,  Masvidal first hit Edwards and named the attack ‘three piece and a soda’ to let Edwards enjoy the beat up. 

Why Masvidal hit Edwards:

It was Masvidal’s strong conviction that Edwards provoked by interrupting him while he was being interviewed after knocking out Darren Till in a main event. Edwards also was in euphoria as he defeated Gunnar Nelson on the same card. Both the fighters were present backstage. Edwards arrogantly challenged Masvidal to a fight. The infamous backstage fight took place at a UFC Fight Night event in London back in 2019. Fighters can hardly tolerate insults or provocation.

Edwards nickname “Rocky” and Masvidal whose nickname “Gamebred” were expected to fight later. But Rocky already made some remarks with an objectionable attitude and words to make Gamebred infuriated. On the other hand, Gamebred termed Rocky  a “hooligan” and undermining his capacity he said Rocky was not even worthy of training camp. The training which is taken before a match. However, Gamebred couldn’t wait long to punish him. He hid his hands behind the back and punched Rocky in the face as a result the latter bled. However Rocky could not fight back because they were immediately separated.

Later in another interview with Brett Okamoto,  Masvidal recalled the incident justifying his attack as if it was a ‘three piece and a soda’ combo. It is a kind of humor Gamebred cut to add salt to the cut in the face of Edwards

Gamebred and Rocky fight canceled:

MMA journalist Brett Okamoto reported that a much awaited Welterweight scrap title between Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards will finally take place at UFC 269. Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards have had different paths, not to fight each other. Jorge Masvidal  withdrew from his scheduled fight against Leon Edwards because of an undisclosed injury, UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto. Masvidal was set to face Edwards in a welterweight bout at UFC 269 in December of the same year. It is not clear Masvidal was really injured or just scared.


Trading insulting words is a part of athletics, especially in the Ultimate Fighting Championships. It is a fighting strategy to provoke the opponent to make him enraged so that he loses temper. A highly tempered person is always a loser. The backstage fight which Masvidal termed ‘three piece and a soda’ made the audience laugh but at the cost of Edwards.

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