Where is the best place to learn MMA in the Bay Area?

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There are many famous MMA gyms all over the USA, including San Francisco in the Bay Area where many talent pool MMA fighters were born. This topic is about learning MMA in the best place in the bay area of the USA

ASD the best gym in bay area:

ASD is the abbreviation of Academy of Self-defense, and El Nino Training Centre both are San Francisco’s prime MMA gyms. These two are the best places in the bay area of San Francisco to learn MMA fights. The gyms are exceptionally good and offer quality MMA training. With ASD, the gym charges very little money per month. The training includes striking and grappling with transitioning between them. ASD gym also teaches the techniques of groundworking with punching awareness, escaping from the wall and pinning the opponent against the wall. ASD gym has been reported to be very busy training its members throughout its working days. ASD is the only gym in the Bay Area that has regular and high attendance MMA classes. It is bustling with the trainees, some are exercising with various equipment and some are sparring with their regular partners. The well experienced dedicated trainers of ASD gym is the essence of this training institution.

El Nino gym:

El Nino training center, Martial Arts School,located in South Francisco, California, is also a good gym in the bay area but it is expensive and not as good as ASD. El Nino mostly focuses on the professional fight team. Their class is relatively unpopular than ASD. Of course, their other classes like Muay Thai and Bjj have much better attendance and the teachings are great.

Another pioneering gym:

We have another pioneering school of mixed martial arts (MMA). The name of the school is (AKA) the American Kickboxing Academy situated 

in San Jose, California.


With great diversity America is so rich and proud of its talents from different fields of sports including extreme martial arts like MMA. The bay area, of greater California, represents the largest talent of MMA fighters. As a matter of fact, California produces so many MMA famous fighters, training them on its soil in the great gyms  like ASD and more like it situated in those localities.

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