Why do most MMA fighters have disfigured ears?

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The ear is an organ of hearing. The organ maintains equilibrium that detects and analyses sound. The ear converts sound waves into electric impulses and sends them to the brain so we can interpret them as sound. The equilibrium also maintains the sense of balance. The ear has three main parts  including the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. The outer ear is the decoration for the middle ear and inner ear that really perform the role of auditory function. What we are talking about is the outer side of the ear.  Today’s topic is about MMA fighters’ disfigured ears.

MMA Fighters Ear Disfigured:

MMA fighters do not use headgears while sparring. They fight without headgears or any other protection. In Amateur and Olympic boxing headgear, a padded helmet, is allowed to wear. Headgear greatly helps protect the ear from bulging,  and therefore from being disfigured. Having been hit time and again, the ear of the MMA fighters turned disfigured. Cauliflower ear, especially MMAfighter’s’ ear, is deformed and caused by blunt trauma to the auricle (the external part of the ear). It occurs as blood accumulates in the pinna and remains untreated or with quate treatment. The clotted blood often disrupts the fresh blood supply to the healthy cartilage. Cartilage is  tissue of the ear. The tissues are severed by the tremendous blows of the opponents. MMA fighters never bother about having cauliflower ears. Boxers care. They usually wear headgear when they spar to avoid being on the ear or the impact on it. Their heads are only free from protection during fight nights. That’s why they rarely suffer from cauliflower ears.


Cauliflower ear is compared to vegetables. The human ear is disfigured because of all the blows to the head that MMA fighters receive. It doesn’t look good, rather it looks weird. It is an occupational hazard and must be addressed. The auricle, the external part of the ear,  in humans is almost rudimentary and lies close to the side of the head. But it is an essential beauty that cannot be denied. MMA fighters are also human beings. They too deserve natural ears so that people do not stare at them.

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