Why do MMA fighters so often rely on conventional boxing punches?

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MMA has its own glory in the realm of fighting. Making it  uniquely enjoyable, the concerned authority finds out the best fighting ways taken from other universal martial arts that have proven popular over the years. Today we shall talk about MMA fighters’ preference for conventional boxing punches over kicks.

Conventional Boxing vs kicks:

Boxing is a way better than kicking in terms of reputation as a martial art. The conventional boxing punches are the jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut. MMA fighters feel easy to fight with the conventional boxing styles. Boxing in MMA fighting is easier than kicking. In boxing, punching is safer than kicking because a kicker may be off balance when he tries to kick his opponent. If an MMA fighter loses balance and falls on the ground  he would easily be overpowered by the opponent because grappling in MMA is one of the useful techniques. Leg kicks are used by MMA fighters. But compared to low kicks, boxing is much more applied in MMA fighting alongside the use of other martial arts techniques. In other words, kickboxing(Muay Thai), kicks, and pure boxing are all part of MMA fights. But extending legs to the head and face is not easy, rather it is risky for the attacker, despite it being more effective than simple boxing. Also,  boxing brings to the table in MMA the amazing footwork, head movement and punching techniques. These are the vital skills every MMA fighter must learn to compete at any level of MMA fighting. Boxing skills are very useful tools to actively self-defend.  Boxers are endurance athletes and are trained to develop great stamina. And in MMA fighting stamina is vital. On the other hand, kicks are a universal act of aggression and more brutal than boxing. Boxing is less brutal, one of the reasons is a boxer wears hand gloves while a kicker doesn’t. The impact of bare footed  kicking on the target is so damaging that it could last long. The injury could be serious for both the attacker and the opponent.

MMA is an entertainment:

To finish fighting soon is not the objective of MMA  entertainment. MMA fighting applies the techniques from Brazilian jiu jitsu for grappling to create resistance. Muay Thai, often called Thai boxing. With various clinching techniques, this combat sport uses stand-up striking. It is an art of eight limbs because it allows both  fists, elbows, knees, and shins to strike with the opponent. Wrestling in MMA, is an unavoidable combat skill and technique to fight with for submission. In MMA , allowing tap out systems to end the fight so that the overpowered fighter can avoid an untoward situation. It means that  the governing body is trying to rationalise by discouraging brutality in combat sports. Kicking, especially at the lower part of the leg, is allowed in MMA. Generally, kickboxing is regarded as a violent sport. The Olympic Committee still has not approved it yet. Because violence and aggression are opposed to Olympic values.


Despite kicking being allowed in MMA , the mma fighters prefer  using other techniques from other martial arts. Boxing in question, is a smart way for fighting conventionally. As said above, kicking is risky for reasons and that could result in discontinuation of fighting. That’s why an MMA fighter  feels comfortable throwing boxing punches to the opponent relying on conventional methods

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