Why do some MMA fighters train at high altitudes?

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Some MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) fighters prefer to train at high altitudes mostly because of gaining control over breathing. The topic deals with the oxygen level at high altitudes as some MMA fighters train within the condition of air.

Reasons for some MMA fighters train at high altitudes:

Breathing factor

MMA fights are mostly about managing and controlling breath because choking each other is the main weapon of the fight trying to make the opponent give in. Our lungs are vital organs. The main function of the lungs is the process of gas exchange called respiration. In respiration, oxygen from incoming air enters the blood, and carbon dioxide leaves the blood in a  clean condition. Physically, the lungs and respiratory system allow us to breathe essentially with oxygen. In MMA fights, breathing is a chief factor and so is oxygen.

High altitude training benefit

Oxygen remains in blood flow. But at high altitudes, a low amount of oxygen is felt in the air. That’s why climbers at high altitudes suffer from breathing problems. Despite the breathing predicament, some MMA fighters train at high altitudes to acclimate to a hostile environment. rs train to get accustomed to less oxygen and breathing problems so that they can endure more harsh conditions in real fights. As we said above, MMA fights consist of a series of chokeholds which are caused by stopping blood flow to stop supplying oxygen in the blood circulation. In this dire situation, the fighters who train at high altitudes where oxygen is thin are expected to play better than normal fighters. Naturally, normal MMA fighters will have more problems when choked by the opponent because they do not have training in a thin oxygen environment.

Practicing at high altitude:

Practicing staying alive as oxygen as possible in a trapped situation while fighting MMA matches. It is not easy to create an environment with less oxygen at ground level to practice MMA fights as we are talking about. So MMA fighters who want a natural less oxygen environment have to climb up and up. Maybe more than 7,000 feet altitude when they breathe panting heavily to catch air with oxygen. This is how they can be accustomed to living with little oxygen which will help them greatly at the time of a suffocating fighting situation. Also, by climbing they do a lot of exercises that tough exercises scale giving extra physical strength. It helps fight practitioners’ ‘practitioners”.


Climbing at high altitudes to train is highly adventurous and quite befitting for MMA fighters. Because they become used to surviving with taking limited oxygen for a pretty long time in a choked situation of MMA fights. Training at high altitude offers a harsh conditioned environment that makes an MMA fighter able to endure unbearably inflicts given by the opponent.

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