Why amateur boxers do not wear headgear anymore!!

amateur boxers-do-not-wear-headgear

Headgear is an extremely hot issue in the world of boxing. Due to strict rules, many professional boxers do not wear it. On the other hand, amateur leagues concentrate on different reasons completely. This matter has been debated again and again in the world of boxing. People have many questions about this. Headgear is a … Read more

Know about the Popular coach Trevor Wittman


During many events, People know Trevor in the corner of numerous extended MMA fighters. He has tutored several fighters to gain division belts and also even frequently defend them. In this post, we will talk about Trevor Wittman. Here people can know the place he came from, his record of achievements, etc. About Trevor Wittman: … Read more

Know about the Muay Thai kicks


All types of kicks are tough to learn. If a person wants to learn it, he requires proper training and comprehensive training to pull off in combat. As weapons, it implicates the practice of your shins, corners, and knees. Strong kicks play a crucial role in a performance. There are numerous facets to evaluate the … Read more



In the MMA world, there are many well-known fighters. Among them, Scott is a famous founder of the tenth planet west Los Angeles. He is a black belt of two-second degrees. Many people want to know about Scott. For them today we will know about the prominent fighter Scott Epstein. About Scott Epstein: He has … Read more

Know the Prominent fighter Rustam chsiev


In the huge country of Russia, Rustam Chsiev is a famous MMA Fighter. People call him a Russian bear. People gave him this name for his ability, techniques, and strength as a grappler.  Today we will talk about the great fighter Rustam Chsiev. The record of his present profession is two wins and two losses. … Read more

Know about Magid Hage


Magid Hage is a second-degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. He is the head instructor at the Gracie Barra academy in the United States, California. He brought in the baseball choke as his signature procedure. With this competition, he achieved many champions. Hage developed in the lifestyle people all know and love. All on his own … Read more

Know the details of Half Nelson Hold


In a wrestling match, A Nelson hold is a legal technique. From behind, it is enforced by one person to the opponent. It happens generally when both are on the covering face down with the competitor under the attacker. In this article, I will discuss Half Nelson Hold with its history. Every day multiple professional … Read more

Flower Sweep Tips and Techniques


Flower Sweep is quite hard for beginners. It can be difficult for them to pass the guard. From closed guard, there are countless compliance attacks and sweeps without the hazard of being upheld right away. If one plays a safer guard like a closed guard, they need to control the competitor with the legs around … Read more

Learn the Martial art stance Cross Face


A cross-face is a kind of strategy to gain the positional captivity of a competitor while working from side control. Side control is also called side mount or cross-side. More precisely, utilizing a crossface helps stave off your opponent from turning. So that they can either roll into the competitor to take the sort of … Read more

Best MMA Fighting Quotes


In this world, sometimes every single person can get motivation from someone else. It could be a form of encouragement that comes from a smile, a contest, or a motivational quote. A motivational quote can push a man to success. MMA has been a great sport for years. It is a goldmine for soundbites and … Read more