What does a professional MMA training camp look like and how long is it?

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A professional MMA training camp is the particular period of time when the fighter is given intensive training and coaching ahead of an organized fighting match. Today’s topic is about MMA Training Camp before scheduled fighting.

MMA Camp Training duration:

The time duration before a fight camp is traditionally 6-10 weeks. Of course, the camp could be shorter or longer depending on when the fighter gets notice. Usually, the fighter gets notice at a  reasonable time before the match.

Assessing opposition strength:

Before going for MMA fighting, an assessment regarding the opponent’s strength and weakness is an important task. Finding an achilles heel of the opponent is a most probable way to win the fight. An MMA coach watches recently recorded videos of the opponent’s fight to figure out strategy for his candidate in order to win the match.

Type of MMA Training in Camp:

MMA training camp takes a long time with a maximum 10 weeks focus on conditioning, cardio, strength, skills and weight cut.


In MMA fighting, conditioning is the specific performance of the high and low intensity actions. Elaborately, the gradual increment of high and low intensity striking, takingdowns, grappling and performing actions shorter and longer than the average time an MMA fighter fights.


 To gain standard cardio and stamina the endurance exercises namely running, rope jumping, biking, swimming are required. There are more MMA fighters that need to workout in camp training including HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). HIIT is an enhanced form of interval training for MMA. It alternates between short and intense bursts of exercise and then less intense recovery periods. To clear the method, we can cite an example: you can sprint for a minute, then jog for thirty seconds of less recovery. Repeating the whole set four times takes just six minutes to complete the rigorous course.


Before participating in the fighting the contestant undergoes rigorous strength programs to build muscle and improve agility to give it extra vigor.


 Trainers check their MMA fighter’s skills thoroughly before he goes for a fight. The fighter practices techniques and skills of kicking, punching, elbowing, foot thrusting, and knee striking. In MMA fights, there is a dangerous role  Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai that the fighter must rehearse ahead of the organized match. The imminent contending fighter has to spar with people resembling the opponent in the training camp.

Weight cut:

The weight of the fighter is crucially necessary for fighting comfortably. The MMA fighter cut weight according to the desired weight, especially by dieting. By eating less or restricting calories within two meals a day. They also sit in saunas or wear sweat suits to dehydrate to lose weight. The coach also oversees the fight weight cut before the competitive match.


A Professional MMA Training Camp looks like intensive fighting care for the fighter of the upcoming match. The trainer, instructor, and coach all are busy doing their duties, training the fighter to compete and win the match. These hard physical and psychological long sessions of training take time of six to ten weeks. After this camp training, an MMA fighter needs complete rest to recover strength before the fighting day appears.

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