The Comparison Between Sanda and Muay Thai Style

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Sanda is recognized as Chinese boxing. This style is quite similar to the kung fu style, and it is a hybrid martial art. It is just like kickboxing and wrestling. It has a heavy impact on wrestling and boxing. Today, we will present Sanda Vs. Muay Thai is more effective in terms of improvement, procedures, and records. This article is for which one is better and gives a helpful overview for Sanda vs. muay Thai. 

Beginnings of Sanda and Muay Thai:

There is a significant difference between Sanda and Muay Thai in the historical matter from which these two have come.

Sanda's Origin:

The word Sanda means force striking or free fighting. In the 1920s, Sanda was invented. It is the National combat sport in China. Sanda’s other name is Sanshou. 

In many people’s honest opinion, the central significance of the takedown advantage remains in Sanda. The advantage is that they can replace wrestling training. Still, in Sanda, the nuances of wrestling are not present. This opinion is true, and it is entirely unrelated. The reason is in Wrestling Training, every step you will ever learn is unnecessary in MMA. Finishing the takedown experience is the only item wrestling training can provide. 

Muay Thai's Origin:

Muay Thai is an extremely prominent style of martial arts. This style came from Muay Boran. During the warring period of the Siam Kingdom, this technique of combat came. In numerous ways, it maintains its origins. Nowadays, it has become so much famous as a combat sport. By Western boxing style, Muay Thai was so much influenced. It took on various aspects of boxing like defensive gear, judges, scoring, times round, etc. 

Sanda VS Muay Thai: Which style is More Effective in Fighting World?

 In combat, Sanda fighting was used by the Nationalist party to train its soldiers. Sanda causes damage way less than Muay Thai. Sanda also has elbow and knee techniques, but it is less severe as its logic differs from Muay. It is not a very prominent martial art. Its competition level is quite low. The training style is not so helpful for beginners and pro fighters. Because of the poor training, they could not successfully compete in the ring. So for MMA, the grade of training does not permit most of them to take a part of it. Very few people practice this technique in the world. Moreover, by training Sanda, people not only take the opponent down but also can learn to do it within a striking context. 

Around the thirteenth century, MT emerged from the Sukhothai dynasty of Thai. This fighting style allows the fighters to use elbows and knees as well as kicks and punches with scores. According to the record of Thai history, the first Thai Army was formed in a time of serious necessity to defend the kingdom. During the period of armed and unarmed Muay Thai martial arts, the fighters were instructed. This style is widely evaluated to be the most effective martial art in the world. 

The Familiar difference between the two styles:

There are some familiar differences between Sanda and Muay Thai. The differences are provided below:



  • Sanda is a 4 point striking system. It allows kicking knees and belongs to kicks and punches. On the other hand, Muay Thai has an 8 points hitting system. 



  • Muay Thai has an extra varied striking than Sanda. In this style, it restricts knees and elbows in competition. It also has an additional and reliable technique for kicks.
Final Words:

Muay Thai will be of more use and effectiveness in a multiple opponents scenario and reasons that make martial arts sports more enjoyable. Muay Thai has a highly competitive choice process. So people who can become professional Muay Thai can shine in the fighting world.


We provided essential information about Sanda and Muay Thai styles. We hope people can get better at choosing which martial art to understand and study. If you want to know more about any style, please let us know. 

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