The life story of Rafiel Torre

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Fraudsters have various ways to appear. They could be in the form of a prince or a generous community for offerings that would save the nation. There are tales of individuals who have tricked people into believing various things that are unfair throughout humanity.

For example, Rafiel Torre fetched the nation to believe in him highly as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. His statements catapulted him to fame and name. Yet, his distress for a quick route to a popular life lead brought his undoing. In this post, we will talk about his career and life story with some short facts.

About Rafiel Torre:

Sometimes Mixed Martial Arts is referred to as cage fighting with no holds barred. It is an unlimited combat sport based on striking, grappling, and ground fighting that includes techniques in combat sports, especially International martial arts. Rafiel Torre was an MMA fighter from Rancho, California. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 88 kg. He was a fake ex-Navy SEAL, fake BJJ black belt.

He is a convicted killer. In the 1990s and 2000s, mixed martial arts was a sport barely anyone recognized. It was an excellent period for somebody like Rafiel Torre. He started boasting in the MMA community about his huge record, attained in small-time battles that were not listed.

No fighters can defeat Torre except one Hershger MMA fighter. The world of MMA became a profitable business for pay-per-view service providers and sports Channels until the government concluded the sportswear was beyond regulation.

Because of the danger of Ultimate Fighting Championship sports in the 1990s in the USA, the authority intervened. They assessed some limitations and the MMA went underground to avoid rules. The internet took the place of in-person watching the UFC and MMA event for fans, earning a lot of money per view.

Rafiel Torre was unbearably boastful, winning events one after another made him popular in the fighting circuit. He rapidly caught the curiosity of myriad sponsors including an honor from Sheik Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He is the pacesetter of the sport in the UAE, who is also the Arab Godfather of BJJ in the middle east.

Later, Torre persuaded communities to sponsor an event between him and Hershberger. Torre lost to him. Then he departed from fighting and took a rest for a time.

In 2001, he came back from his retirement to fight professionally. He fought against the heavyweight Ioka Tianuu, who also was his ex-student.

The event was a stage show. It was undeniable that he hired and paid his opponent so the winning decision could go for him. Consequently, after the fight, people decided to dig deeper to know even better who Rafiel Torre was. He lost all credibility.

Unexpectedly, multiple truths surfaced about his 14-0 winning streak. His Brazilian Origin and his Navy Seal were all lies. People even began to question his name. Truly, for Torre’s career, the last so-called victory was undoubtedly the beginning of the end.

Some Facts About Rafiel Torre

1. Fake Name:

 Rafiel Torre is not his real name. He is a fake black belt, told an untruth about a ton of things. His actual name was Ralph Bartel. He put the fake name RafielTorre is well known to him. This fact is one of his multiple lies.

2. Cheated MMA Community:

He betrayed the Mixed Martial Arts Community. He began to boast online that he is a famous fighter with an undefeated title of 14 – 0. So it was unthinkable for anyone to say he was lying. Torre’s rise to achieve fame and name. As no one disavowed his tale of existing as an undefeated black belt holder, he proceeded again to progress extra attention.

This encouraged him to emerge with tales that would back up his falsehoods. He is also compelled to bring the nation to suspect his life has been cool enough. So he turned on to tell false stories about how his dad began instructing him in BJJ when he was a teenager and how he fulfilled the Navy Seal.

3. Event of the ADCC:

In this case, Rafiel had amassed a huge amount of supporters and followers on social media platforms. It was also a tremendous contract among other fighters. As an outcome of his significance, he received a proposal to put up a part in a grappling event. He preferred to take the invitation and it was the beginning of his undoing. While everyone was predicting him to put up a good battle, Beau Hershberger beat him in under a moment. This lifted a ton of eyebrows, and people started to question his deeds.

4. Fight with old student:

As popular with deceitful people, Rafiel has a massive mouth. He was eligible to keep up after Hershberger offended him. Rafiel created a trick to reclaim his name but it ended his career. In 2001, Torre fought one of his old students, IokaTorresu, to score.

Then in an event, Rafiel defeated Ioka. It arose that he had paid the fighter to lose the competition. Later, all of his claims were disproved and he vanished from the attention as rapidly as he rose to success.

5. Fall in love with Angelina:

As noted first, Torres has always wanted an easy way to a perfect life. It attained him in vast difficulty when he fell in love with Angelina. As it occurred, she was wedded to Bryan. As he had a life insurance policy so she got a deal for her.

6. Plan a murder:

When Torre and Angelina grew up with love, they started to plan how to murder Bryan and get the insurance money. He would approach Gerald and offer him a lot of money to murder her husband. However, the retired and experienced martial artist denied the offer. So Torre killed Bryan himself and notified him that he murdered the man in self-defense. Then Gerald reported to the police immediately what had happened. Finally, Torre was imprisoned, convicted of killing.

Because of these tales, Torre earned media attention. Later, he got into a hot fantasy love with Angelina. They both were incredibly much in love. Still, the only difficulty sitting their way is Bryan. He was Angie’s husband.

To fulfill their fantasies of living jointly as pairs and also to live a life of prosperity, she came up with a plot to kill her old husband. Angelina wants to get rid of her husband. She thought it could mean her direction to independence and prosperity. Her old husband would leave behind huge money that would make her living happily forever.

7. Offered to Gerald to kill Angelina's Husband:

To put the murder plan in action, Angelina and Torre offered the service of ex-marine fighter Gerald. After this, Rafiel decided to do it himself with a rear-naked choke. A few days later, Bryans’s body was found in trash bags.


The martial art fighters are generally honorable men both in and outside of the sporting stadium. But that does not happen with Rafiel Torre. This is a real-life tale of how betrayal can eventually destroy a career.

We tried to cover Torres’s life history. If you want to know more about him, let us know. Thank you for staying with us so long.

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