How does it take time to become a Black belt in Muay Thai?

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Among all the martial arts, muay Thai is one of the most powerful martial arts in the world and it can also be vicious. In many places, this martial art does not have a system of belt ranking. Still, some associations outside have a ranking system for their academies. Some schools also cater to youngsters as belt advancements often maintain kids immersed longer in many martial arts. In various countries, the ranking system has no meaning. In this post, we will discuss how long it takes to become a black belt in Muay Thai martial art!

About Muay Thai:

 Muay Thai has no belt succession. Yet in numerous schools in the US, belt systems have been added. In Thailand, Muay Thai is a highly competitive sport. In the late nineteenth century, the belt ranking procedure began with Judo. It is implied not as mastery but to be a clue of competence. Muay Thai fighters do not believe in belts of various colors. Because it is a highly strong and competitive sport. In this sport, there are various contests, and a combatant’s real skills are evaluated in their scores. Muay Thai fighters often wear armbands. They wear it for their high protection and welfare. In western countries, few schools have a formal belt system. Fighters can grab a black belt from these schools. Yet, in the Muay Thai Community, it has no meaning.

Duration of becoming a black belt in Muay Thai:

In Muay Thai, normally it takes one year to become skilled. It also takes three years to be a master of the basics and seven years to become adequate. People need almost ten years to achieve a black belt. 

People who train two or three times per week for ten years will come to be tremendous Muay Thai fighters. They become a great fighters with or without a black belt. To get outstanding results within six months or a year, people train at least three times each week. To enhance the capability of this game, people should be ready to start doing competitions after twelve months of training. In many academies with a belt system, it takes nearly ten years to achieve a black belt in Muay Thai martial art.


We hope people will get great information about Muay Thai. We tried to deliver the necessary information about the time of becoming a black belt in Muay Thai. If anyone has any questions regarding this, please let us know.

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