Do you know who is a better boxing referee, Tony Weeks or Kenny Bayless?

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A Boxing referee is an official who controls matches, prevents rules from being broken by the competitors, and also takes decisions regarding knockouts. A boxing referee also acts like a judge. His body language helps the ringside sitting judges to score the fighters. Today we have chosen Tony Weeks and Kenny Bayless to figure out who is a better boxing referee.  

About Boxing Referee:

A referee is chosen based on his merits and experience by the authorities including the boxing sanction commission. Kenny Bayless was chosen for his previous outstanding performance as a 3rd man in the ring. With vast experience as a referee, he offered spectacle fighting styles to provide spectators an immense joy. Kenny is a born talent to referee high voltage bouts. His fairness and indomitable courage to dictate fighters gave birth to a new dimension of bouts.

About Tony Weeks and Kenny Bayless:

Inspired by Ali as a boxing fan since his childhood, Tony Weeks ended up as an official boxing referee. He is one of the respected boxing referees. He is a US national whose active career as a judge referee from 1994-2022 has been superb. He has refereed 848, some say 851, with brilliant judgment skills. As a smart and skilled referee, he officiated some UFC matches as well.

Tony reported that he is still active in referring boxing matches. The last match he officiated was between Montana Love and Gabriel Gollaz Valenxuela held on May 7, 2022.  Scanty information on the official Wikipedia page about this renowned energetic boxing referee is quite astonishing and regrettable. On the other hand,  the history of the boxing referee legend cannot be written without the name “Kenny Bayless”. As if he was born to judge the fight so boldly so fairly. He warns the fighters just before the bell rings with his catchphrase, “What I say you must obey”. 

Kenny Bayless was born on May 4, 1950, in Berkeley, California, USA. The vastly-experienced American boxing referee  Bayless now lives in Nevada. He refereed the most well-known boxing fights during his time. His accomplishment in referring to boxing matches was another entertainment in the fighting ring. 

Bayless had to face obstacles before he became a professional boxing referee. He had served 12 years of refereeing for Golden Gloves fought between amateurs and 6 years with the Commission. Finally, in the year of 1991, he was appointed as a professional referee. Subsequently, he officiated his first world championship title fight in 1994. This extraordinary man, larger-than-life, has been in the ring as a successful referee second to none for thousands of bouts and over 100  world championship titles.

Kenny Bayless makes the fight more enjoyable with his genuinity as a boxing referee. He lets the fighters bend the law but does not allow them to break it. He interrupts the ongoing fight as little as possible so that the contest could be more exciting. Kenny allows the fighters to use subtle tactics of pushing and wrestling. If they clinch Kenny lets them punch each other to separate themselves. Of course, he does not allow the boxers to do things repeatedly that are outside the boxing rules.

Boxing Referees Vs Tony or Kenny:

 If a fighter does something wrong excessively he gets strong words as a warning from Kenny. 

By the way, money plays a very crucial role in this combat sport. We like to share an irresistible piece of information regarding the money Kenny Bayless earns. In a sports blog, Boxing referee salary information was revealed in 2019. The website confirms that professional boxing referees make $3,500 per main card fight. It also revealed that Kenny Bayless was the highest-paid boxing referee in the last ten years. He made $10 from the fight between Mayweather Jr and Pacquie alone. 

At some point, the remuneration of a skilled person is proof of his importance.  But by the weight of money alone a man cannot always be judged. An obscene amount of money can cause disgust if the money is ill-gotten. 

No big man is free from criticism. Kenny too is criticized for allegedly being biased towards refined boxers rather than sluggers. Kenny officiated many international bouts in different venues all over the world. But he is best known for being a top qualified Nevada Athletic Commission Referee (NAC). He also served as a 3rd man in the ring 7 times in Manny Pacquiao boxing contests and 5 times in Floyd Mayweather’s bouts. 


Compared to the above authentic information, one can decide with ease that Tony Weeks is undoubtedly a good referee. While Kenny Bayless is a better referee indeed.

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