Is it good or bad to use a punching bag without gloves?

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Punching a heavy bag with nice quality gloves is one of the main activity procedures. Most people prefer to do it for wrist strength and to enhance their stabs. For many people, it is normal to hit the heavy bag with only gloves, especially for boxers. In many gyms,  it is extremely familiar to notice fighters training without gloves on a heavy bag. Yet, this is not a good idea. The reason is gloves properly maintain our knuckles from bleeding and balance our wrists. Let’s discuss if it is bad to use a punching bag without gloves!

Without gloves hit a huge bag:

The honest answer is that without gloves hitting a huge bag is completely bad for you. For hitting a heavy bag, you should wear gloves or hand wraps. You can also wear any category of hand protection regarding your choice. Our hand bones and wrists are so fragile. So if you punch too hard a huge bag without any protection or gloves, your hands can be broken down easily. In boxing, boxers always like to wear gloves for protection in their hands. Gloves reduce speed and effect correlated to a bare first. Using gloves depicts a fair trade because boxers can strike as hard as they can without the anxiety of smashing their hands.

Buy good quality gloves:

We should start slowly with gloves for protection. It can still wound us when punching a heavy bag. It is recommended to hit a huge bag with gloves a limited time a week at most. We should also purchase a nice set of gloves that will completely protect our wrist and Knuckles.


People should find the best gloves for training and competing. Otherwise, without a good pair of gloves, their hands can be injured. However, we tried to provide the best information about whether we should wear the gloves or not while punching a huge bag. If anyone has any questions regarding this, please let us know.

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