Can I use boxing Hand wraps instead of wrist wraps for lifting?

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The wrist is a part of the body placed between the hand and the forearm. A joint on which the hand moves naturally. The wrist is a complex joint. It bridges the hand to the forearm. On top of everything, the joint is very delicate and sensitive. Any unmindful application of hands might cause serious wrist injuries. 

Today we are going to discuss Boxing Hand wraps and Wrist wraps which ones are good for lifting.

About Boxing Hand wraps and wrist wraps:

Boxing Hand wraps are strips of clothes used by boxers to protect the hand from getting injured while fighting or practicing. Because punching is the main weapon of a boxer. 

Wrist wraps are good for gymnasts and other practitioners who use the gym for different purposes. The main purpose of wrist wraps is to support and stabilize the wrist. While exercising the joint is forced to move beyond its normal range of motion which creates hyperextension. This pressure could damage the tissues around the joint and can cause hyperextension injury. Wrist wraps prevent hyperextension injury which we call “wrist sprain”. Moreover, wrist wraps are treated as fitness equipment used for weightlifting, exercising, giving more gripping power, and protecting hand, wrist, and forearm from probable injuries. 

Although wrist wraps are very useful for gymnasts, experts put restrictions on their use. They recommend that wrist wraps should only be worn while doing heavy pressing gymnastic games like bench press, overhead press, and heavy weightlifting. Constant use of wrist wraps is strongly discouraged. But for the strength training case, you better wear the wraps to avoid wrist strain.

For weightlifting, Boxing hand wraps cannot be used:

The answer to the question is very clear-cut. Boxing hand wraps cannot be used for weightlifting. It is a poor choice to use hand wraps instead of wrist wraps for lifting weight. Because boxing wraps might support your wrist but cannot support your grip it is essential to hold the heavy equipment firmly so that it does not fall off your hands. 

Boxing straps are thinner and longer than lifting straps. These are two different things made for two different purposes. Yes, boxing hand wraps can be turned into weightlifting wrist wraps; but that must be impoverished. These impoverished hand wraps can be used in the absence of proper wrist wraps because people say, “something is better than nothing”.  

There are no credible opinions supporting the idea to wear boxing hand wraps instead of wrist wraps for lifting. The boxing hand wraps move in many different directions, maneuvering their position to throw punches. Boxers’ hand wraps put all the joints together to reduce the impact of the blows from the opponent. While gymnasts or other practitioners wearing wrist wraps lift weight vertically. Their wrist suffers tremendous stress from the tension due to the heavyweight.

Final Words:

However, you cannot use boxing hand wraps to lift a heavy weight. To avoid injury or minimize the risk of injury while lifting weight you must use proper wrist wraps where it is necessary.

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