Wing Chun vs Muay Thai, which is better?

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Wing Chun and Muay Thai are both martial arts that have negative and positive aspects. In this post, we will discuss the difference between wing Chun vs muay Thai and which one is better!

About Wing Chun and Muay Thai:

In wing Chun, there are numerous styles. Yet the extensively common styles are three empty hand forms. The expert of this martial art maintains his muscles relaxed until his hitting surface brings him close enough to the target. Then they treat the striking area to enhance the strength.Fulfilling techniques flexibly is the crucial parameter in wing Chun.

Muay Thai favors offense over defense and power over velocity. Only real specialists of Muay Thai begin slow and verge to dispute the competitor’s strikes. Muay Thai’s guard is high and within distance, the majority of battles finish. In muay Thai game sweeps. This is the most protective aspect. Usually, Muay Thai fighters are great for level changing.

Comparing different aspects of Muay Thai and Wing Chun:


Muay Thai fighters halt the incoming hit extremely near to the body. It puts extra chances to consume an attack. On the other side, the Wing Chun position allows tougher hits. This martial art stops the attack at least twenty to thirty centimeters from the body. 

Movement and Footwork

Usually, a Muay Thai boxer’s strength is on the rear foot. It indicates the boxer does an extra burden shift to move. It implies additional time.

 In this parameter, Wing Chun champions are generous. A professional Muay Thai fighter can move well, but the strength in Wing Chun changes positions both to the balls and heels of the foot. In any direction, it directs uncertain activity and a quicker reaction time.

Hit Power

Wing Chun strikes are extremely quick. Yet it directs to less strength unless it is a counter hit. On the other side, a muay Thai boxer lifts, knees, or punches, and a fighter settles his full body into it. They can harm blunt consequences and it is another evidence of Muay Thai’s supreme power.

Attack Speed:

The aspect of Wing Chun in attack speed definitively wins here. On dummies, the masters train quick hits. Moreover, without gloves, this martial art is trained. This leads to the discovery of tiny available areas and an excellent level of modification, unthinkable shots. In the wing Chun strikes, even the professional and expert boxers also face a difficult time. 


Muay Thai wins here again. Wing Chun fighters also do well. Yet their hits are extremely inflexible and head strikes are so rare. A Muay Thai fighter can behead his opponent. On the other hand, Wing Chun professionals hardly deliver their opponent to snooze with one kick.

Street Fighting:

For street fighting, both styles are favorable. Yet Maximum people slightly favor Muay Thai. Because Muay Thai boxing is effective from near range. It is also powerful against intimate combat bullies. On the other hand, if a bully wears a sweater or heavy dress, Wing Chun might not work appropriately. 


In the aspect of sweeps, it is difficult to say which martial art glimpses better. Wing Chun sweeps are extremely defensive and more delightful to watch. On the other hand, people can connect with Thai sweeps as soon as they initiate contact with the competitor. The masters of

Wing Chun will trip anyone in a moment while Thai experts will make extra damage to the calves and other parts.

Final Words:

Both Muay Thai and Wing Chun comparisons indicate fascinating results. However, we tried to deliver some crucial information about which one is better: wing Chun vs muay Thai. We hope this post will help you enough to know about it.

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