Has anyone seen women versus men in a boxing match or any real fight? Who won, and how?

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Women boxing started in the early 18th century in the United Kingdom. An exhibition bout between women took place in the 1904 Olympics. After more than 100 years women’s boxing was officially added to the Olympics games in 2012. This topic deals with Women vs Men’s boxing competitions.

In a Boxing, Women VS Men:

According to an Associated Press article published on October 12, 1999, Margaret McGregor, a 36-year-old female professional boxer,  made history in the early hours of October 11, 1999, when she beat Loi Chow, a male boxer. She beat him over four rounds at the Mercer Arena in Seattle, WA, USA. In the history of mixed-gender boxing contests, this was the first fight that happened. It created a huge hue and cry.

There were everywhere disturbing undertones criticizing the gender difference contest. The governments, sanctioning bodies, and even boxing commissions argued that such contests should not have happened and be outlawed right away. While the Washington State Licensing Department had sanctioned the boxing contest, citing state law which did not consider gender difference as an issue of disagreement. However, McGregor after winning the above contest boastfully said, “I’ll fight anyone who my promoter puts in front of me,”

Her audacious remark enraged many people home and abroad. They harshly criticize saying ” man beating woman, woman beating up man, both are distasteful”. ” Such contests can be described only as freak shows”. The British Boxing Board of Control maintained their negative decision on considering sanctioning such a contest. Frank Warren, one of the British Promoters, labeled the event ” a diabolical disgrace”.

About Women fighters:

Physical work related to hard labor is usually done by men. Most extreme labor performed by men has remained unmatched for women. In real life, women in poor countries still struggle to earn their livelihood. They are seen working alongside men workers, breaking bricks, and carrying mortar on the head to pass to the other head. They do these types of physical jobs but heavy-duty jobs are usually done by men at work. Women can hardly do those jobs. 

Women’s fighters are a handful. The grueling training before becoming an army very few women can endure. In a boot camp, rigorous and harsh discipline is imposed on recruits. Women drop out or fail to meet the basic soldiers’ mental and physical abilities are much higher than men. In other words, the world is still liveable in that it has hardly seen blood in the hands of women in a war. A woman physically might not overpower a man, but she is treated with politeness by civilized society.

Lady Fighter Lucia:

We have another lady fighter named Lucia Frederica Rijker who fought a male boxer named Somchai Jaidee on October 15, 1994, and defeated him with ease. The fight was conducted under Muay Thai rules. Rijker is a Dutch national, professional boxer, kickboxer, and actress. She was described by the press as the most dangerous woman in the world. Her fighting division was Light Welterweight. She was born on December 6, 1967. 

About Fighting between a man and woman:

Fighting between a man and a woman means putting a wedge between them. Admittedly,  fighting between men and women does not look good. It cannot claim a civilized way of the contest to win a match. If a female boxer beats up a male boxer, nobody will appreciate the latter. Because naturally, a man is stronger than a woman. On the other hand, if a female boxer beats up a male boxer, the former would be highly publicized as if she has made a great history. 

The media often make the defeated male fighter in the position of public shame that he cannot look into anybody’s eyes. Owing to the practical strong disinterest in mixed-gender boxing, there have been no more noticeable fights between men and women. 

The above two fights had already incurred a lot of criticism and caused a bunch of distaste among the spectators. In fighting whoever is stronger, wins. Men or Women do not matter. When men and women are equally trained up and if they fight each other, the result could go to either side. 

Having said that, we must admit that in general, most men are stronger than women. Normally, the physical stature of men is far stronger than women while women’s bodies are delicately attractive. Women are aesthetically more powerful than men. 

Unfortunately, worldwide women are subject to torture by their male relations. Every 9 seconds a woman is beaten or assaulted in the US alone. This shocking truth is written on the New York City Metro trains asking men to stop violence against women. Considering such a plight, vulnerable women should be trained in basic martial arts so that they can protect themselves from their assailants. But they cannot fight their husband or boyfriend or other relatives who are part of life. Domestic violence is the main culprit. If women are equally strong as men they would have fought back. No law would have been necessary to stop violence against them. 

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