Is UFC Fake Or Scripted? You Should Know The Reality

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We all know about the UFC and WWE. But according to people, I think UFC is a fake game and also scripted like WWE. But let me tell you, UFC is the actual game. And we should know that UFC and WWE are not similar. 

WWE is for amusement to people, but UFC is a real game. But people Mixed UFC with WWE. 

So, today in my article, I will write about Is UFC fake or a script that will remove all your doubts, and I will give all the accurate details of this game. So, don’t skip. Just read the full details.

Is UFC fake or scripted:

WWE is a scripted game. So the WWE player does whatever is in the script. But recently, to make UFC players famous, the UFC community used some writing, but their fights were real as always. 

Because of using scripts, people think that UFC is also fake like WWE. Now, I am going to explain why the UFC is not affected. Let’s take a glance-

Brock Lesnar:

Brock Lesnar is a famous fighter all over the world. He is also a WWE superstar. 

We all know that Lesnar joined the UFC, and he said that the UFC is a challenging field for boxers.

He also stated that anyone would have to do challenging work fighting in UFC because it is not a cup of tea.

When Lesnar first joined the UFC, he was not aware of UFC fights then he joined WWE. After joining WWE, he became a superstar of WWE. Then he again joined UFC and became heavyweight champion and again joined WWE. So People thought that it is also encrypted. But no, it’s not true. 

Brock Lesnar did a lot of hard work, and then he won the UFC/MMA title 2 times.

CM Punk

CM Punk is also another famous WWE superstar. All over the world also know about CM Punk.CM punk won the WWE championship. But he also wanted to join the UFC.


After joining the UFC, he was bitten so hard by another player that the UFC fired him. He could not continue further in UFC because he was an amateur boxer. And UFC is not for any unprofessional player.

After losing, he still signed with the UFC.


McGregor is another famous fighter all over the world. Like Muhammad Ali, McGregor is is another famous boxer because of his fighting. 

McGregor is a UFC featherweight and lightweight champion.

McGregor created tension in his fans till their anxiety turned into madness. After that, he told his fans that at which time he will win the fight. 

And this thing helped him to gain success. The audience always trusts him, and he earns love from his fans too.


After reading that information, I think your doubt has not cleared yet. So, for Your benefit, I will share more information about UFC. 

Similarity and Dissimilarity of UFC and WWE

Now, I am going to give information about the similarity and Dissimilarity of UFC and WWE. So, here it is:-


1.Pushing each other:

Pushing each other is the same habit for both communities. At UFC and WWE, players move their components to show how strong enough they are, and the audience also takes it as an amusement. for money:

The UFC and WWE play for the money. It is prize-fighting. So, all about money fact. 

3.Players essential skill:

Every professional fighter has their primary skill. But do not use the same skill everywhere. Some amateurs don’t have the basics, and they don’t understand it.

4.Love to promote themselves

Every athlete of WWE and UFC loves to promote themselves to increase their fan followers.


1.One of the most significant differences between UFC and WWE is their community.

WWE is a scripted game where players know it before what will happen in the match. And they also do the same thing in the ring.

But UFC is not a scripted game. They have no idea what will happen with them, and they don’t know who will be the winner. So only the best player can win the game with his tricks.

2.As I said before that WWE is a scripted game, whatever they are only for entertainment. And they also use fake blood or a capsule that looks real.

But In UFC, the players are so aggressive that whatever they do, it is accurate. They do not use any fake blood.

Rules of UFC

As UFC is not a scripted game, there are some strict rules here.

Fighters can not bite each other. It is an illegal move in the UFC

No opponent can not pull each other’s hair.

It is restricted in the UFC that anyone can not hit the back of the head.

We know that the UFC arranged cage fights. So, players can not grab those cages.

Any player can not use both hands in his mouth or use any part of the body like fish hooking.

If any player grounded that time, the other player could not kick or hit that player’s head.

At WWE, as we can see, some players pull their hair and bite each other. They do so many things which do not look good at fighting. But they only do it because this is in the script, and people enjoy it so much.

On the other hand, UFC players have to follow those rules or be out of the game.

UFC is a game where martial arts players come here to prove themselves stronger and courageous. Everyone knows that the WWE organization came before UFC. As UFC became well-known now, some WWE superstars and players also joined in UFC to prove themselves. People love stories to make the show more fantastic; the UFC authorities have made the players famous in front of the audience by doing something scripted. So, that’s why people called the UFC scripted.


After all the information, I hope there will be no more doubt that  Is UFC fake or scripted. I tried to give all the correct details on UFC. But as you can see, all the differences and similarities we can not call the UFC scripted. Because their player is so much aggressive and brutal too, on the other hand, WWE is a scripted reality show where fighters pretend. So, basically, after all that information for me, UFC is not scripted or fake. And I hope that this article removes all your doubt, and also you get a lot of information about UFC.

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