What is the difference between boxing gloves and MMA gloves?

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Boxing and MMA fighting both need fists to punch each other. Without gloves, these fights can not last long. This article is mainly concerned with the hand gloves used by MMA fighters and Boxers.

The nature of two different martial arts MMA and Boxing:

Primarily, we need to know about the nature of two different martial arts. MMA is an abbreviation of Mixed Martial Arts which incorporates boxing, judo, karate, wrestling, jiu Jitsu, and muay Thai. So the nature of MMA fights is more desperate than boxing. The first punch of MMA is multiple.

About types of MMAGloves:

There are mainly two types of MMA gloves. Those are  Grappling gloves used in fighting and sparring gloves used in training. The main difference between boxing professional gloves sizes ranges from 10 oz to 8 oz., intending to punch heavily. While MMA hand gloves are made thinner, sleeker, and less padded with bare knuckles at the fingers end so that they can grapple their opponent in wrestling and other sports.

To put MMA gloves in different words. The gloves are small, weigh around 4-6 oz, padding ends are open-fingered, and are used in mixed martial arts bouts. The gloves are designed to provide some protection to the person who wears the gloves, leaving most of the fingers uncovered so that he can grapple such as clinch fighting and submissions to the opponent. 

The size of MMA fighting gloves is designed according to their purposes. But for training in a gym and sparring gloves size should differ and they ought to be more protective. The trainees must follow the chart or consult the trainers to make sure they use the right size of gloves. 

Size of palm hand measurement for MMA hand gloves are: 

Small 7.8″ or less.

Medium 7.8″ to 8.58″.

L/XL 8.58″ and up.

About Boxing Gloves:

Boxing gloves are heavily padded but MMA gloves are significantly smaller because less pad inside and half the fingers are open. 

In boxing competition, a boxer delivers and receives unlimited heavy blows of punches that could even knock him down. If the hand gloves are not heavily padded he would get his hands injured. A slight fracture in the fingers would most probably make him unable to fight anymore. Because fingers are a very delicate part of the hands. Moreover, boxers usually throw punches to the opponent’s heads, despite the forbidding punch area at the base of the head at the neck. 

The point is without a pair of fully protected boxing gloves, there are damaging chances. Some of them are irreparable, ending the boxing career.  

Like MMA training or sparring gloves, Boxing training gloves should be heavier because the practice is prolonged. And the hands need to be free from the impact of heavy punching.

The Boxing Training Gloves Size:

  • A beginner should focus on lightweight training gloves of 12 oz 14 oz.
  • Heavier training and sparring gloves 14 oz.

Most common for 18 oz. gloves.

  • Heavyweight class sparring gloves size 18 oz.
Final Words:

The looks and sizes of MMA Gloves and Boxing Gloves make them differ from each other.

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