What types of jobs do MMA fighters do when not Fighting?

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MMA fighters are very energetic people. They do not like a sedentary lifestyle at all. Today’s discussion dominates the working lifestyle of MMA fighters when they are off professional fighting.

Earning money while not fighting:

MMA fighters come from different walks of lives. Their lives are kind of desperate. They look for quick  and sure ways of money. That’s why if they are not busy fighting, they do things to earn a hefty amount of  money from different occupations. An MMA fighter can work as a firefighter or policeman and other government jobs if their age and qualification allows. A retired MMA fighter can work as a coach or contribute to the martial arts with the permission of the department. If an MMA fighter fights under a contract he can find jobs when the contract is over.  He can do private jobs, corporate jobs, doing business of his choice.

MMA fighters preferred jobs:

They like to make quick money from doing business like property developers, real estate business and other brokerage business.  They also run their own entrepreneurship of various kinds using their reputation. Some of them become farmers and ranchers getting the jobs done by employment.  There are a lot more civil jobs they are involved with when they are not fighting. Beyond normal jobs or own business, an MMA fighter heavily applies his expertise as a trainer, instructor or a coach. The demand for an experienced MMA coach is ever increasing.  From amateurs to professionals everybody needs a good coach. A fighter does understand better how to train the  people who are interested in learning MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) properly. It is worth mentioning that nowadays MMA is becoming more and more popular world-wide.

Not every MMA fighter works:

It is also a fact that all professional MMA fighters would not work or do any business while not fighting. Most probably they already had a lot of money by fighting or doing coaching. They would like to focus on skills to accomplish the mission of winning the world’s highest championship instead of looking for money.

Doing jobs shows normalcy:

Besides, training or fighting as an MMA fighter can do other jobs, preferably own business. It is important for them  to display that an MMA fighter is a  normal person with calm sense and sensibilities like other human beings live in the society.

Running a gym is good business:

Doing jobs or working as an entrepreneur or businessman when not fighting means a transit time. At least three months are required to train intensely ahead of an MMA competition match. So, being a full time  MMA professional fighter  hardly finds time to do a part time job or run a business of his own. But of course,  running a gym business for him is quite easy because it is his domain.

Retired MMA fighter can earn legally:

MMA fighters under the UFC rules usually retire from fighting between the ages of  35 to 40. With these ages a man is still young. An MMA retired fighter can easily find a physically strong job or doing business of his choice. There is absolutely no bar for earning money legally after retirement or while not fighting.


MMA fighters can work or do business like general people when they are  off fighting season. We hope the above details will help people to know about what MMA fighters do when they have no fighting sports.

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