Can punching bags be left outside?


For boxers punching bags are a very crucial thing. It is a must-have thing for them. The punching bag enables people to enhance the technique of punches, and improve the strength of the muscles. It also provides the body with a huge emphasis on workouts. However, today we will talk about whether punching bags can … Read more

How much does a punching bag weigh?


Punching bags are the most crucial part of boxing equipment for a gym and home. You can be a beginner boxer or a ¬†professional having a good punching bag can create all the disparity in your training. After determining the training space, you can look into the exact size, category, and choice for your price … Read more

Does boxing headgear prevent concussions?


There is a huge debate in the media about the use of headgear and helmets in sports. This category of material was made mandatory to lessen the danger of concussion. The manufacturer of headgear also increases marketing their commodities to their clients. They claim that their headgear products enable them to lessen the risk of … Read more

Why amateur boxers do not wear headgear anymore!!

amateur boxers-do-not-wear-headgear

Headgear is an extremely hot issue in the world of boxing. Due to strict rules, many professional boxers do not wear it. On the other hand, amateur leagues concentrate on different reasons completely. This matter has been debated again and again in the world of boxing. People have many questions about this. Headgear is a … Read more