Do MMA fighters break their noses on purpose so that punches don’t hurt them as much?

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It is a common problem that MMA fighters endure the nose pains as they receive blows onto it. Most of the fighters’ noses look boneless. The question arises whether MMA fighters break their noses on purpose so that punches don’t hurt them. Today we shall discuss this nose-breaking issue to prove how true it is.

Broken noses common in MMA

Breaking nose is a common scenario in an MMA fight. 

Nasal fractures, eye injuries, and broken jaws all almost frequently occur in the octagon. A broken nose causes pain and it is common to get a nosebleed. A broken nose usually looks out of shape. The impact of the injured nose spreads to the adjacent parts of the face, including swollen and bruising eyes. MMA fighters must have a nose treatment ahead of the fight to avoid many more troubles like breathing problems. That’s why the possibility of removing the bone from the nose cannot be ruled out. No fighters of MMA and also boxers cannot keep the bone of the nose straight that bridges. The paired bone that forms the nasal bridge. 

Again, unsurprisingly, UFC fighters break their noses all of the time. They accidentally get their noses injured in the gym, but in the octagon they get noses injured for reasonable causes. Nasal fractures occur when the bones and cartilage in the nose break.  Punches and kicks are meant to place a great deal of pressure on the nose that results in broken noses. That’s why most of the MMA fighters’ noses appear disfigured. 

The MMA and Boxing Pundits calling “the nose breaking” a strange myth that exists around the world of MMA and other combat sports like boxing. It states that MMA fighters and boxers break their noses on purpose so that punches don’t hurt them as much or to reduce the pain in future. They want to believe that the myth is not true.

Breaking Noses on Purpose

The phrase ‘breaking noses on purpose’ must mean breaking noses without medical help. Even if the noses are broken by punching or other ways it must be properly treated medically. So it is the same thing MMA fighters first break their noses while practicing and get medical help. Or,  they start competing in the Octagon and receive a severe punch on the nose, it bled all over the face. Then he goes to the hospital for nose treatment. Treatment for a broken nose may include realignment, even removal of bones, depending on the conditions and fighters’ wishes. Fighters usually do not care about aesthetic problems, they care about functional problems. They need their nose to function properly. So that they can breathe well, especially when they fight, they pant heavily. However, the nasal bones and cartilage wear away as a result of MMA fighters fighting for long which look ultimately disfigured.

Nasal bones and Cartilage

The nasal bones and cartilage are interrelated. They work for each other. The nasal bones are two small oblong bones, varying in size and form in different individuals. They are positioned side by side at the middle and upper part of the face and by their junction, form the bridge of the upper one third of the nose. 

Cartilage is a strong, adaptable connective tissue that protects  joints and bones. It acts as a shock absorber throughout the body. Here, cartilage  at the end of nasal bones reduces friction and prevents them from rubbing together when the nasal joints are used. However, receiving frequent hurting punches on it, both the bones and cartilage give in, resulting in disfiguration of the nose.

About Nasal Vulnerability to Injuries

According to Israeli scientist Abraham Tamir there are 14 types of noses. This scientific study has been confirmed by the recent survey in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery identified 14 human nose shapes. Although bigger noses and smaller noses all have the same impacts when they sustain injuries. A punch  to the nose is going to do the same damage whether the nose is large or small. But the extra size of the nose is more vulnerable in a sense that it’s bone is high and long. The punch or the kick can cover more area on a big nose than a small one.

Fighters Broken nose surgery

A minor broken nose does not require surgery. Since MMA fighters are trained to defend their face, they usually do not get their noses seriously injured. So the most nasal injuries do not require surgery and get better with a little ice and time, as a fighter they are used to Minor to Intermediate pain. Most fractures of the nasal bones do not look very deforming or painful because their faces are spread with bruised looks. 

There are so many MMA fighters. Each fighter has a different type of nose breaking and pain. Some are endurable, some are unbearable. So some need treatment, some don’t. Some even need total removal of the bones so that they don’t have to feel the same pain any more in future.


Breaking the nasal bones of MMA fighters’ is might be a strange myth. As a matter of fact, MMA fighters begin breaking their noses unintentionally from the gym to the Octagon. Of course, all the fractures do not require surgical correction as they hardly care about aesthetic matters, no matter how they look. Moreover, they prefer to be used to enduring pain with broken noses to correcting it surgically.

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