What is the difference between American Style boxing and Mexican Style boxing?


Culturally different, two different countries-USA and Mexico have produced so many popular professional boxers. Mexico is a country located in southern North America. A long border of 3,169 km in the north separates Mexico and the United States of America. Today’s subject matter is about the boxing styles of Mexico and the USA. Differences between … Read more

Who would win a fight: A boxer or a martial artist if both are equally experienced and equally strong?


Boxing is a unique martial art. Over the years the primitive sport has been refined from a crude stage to a fine one. In ancient times, boxing was merely used as a weapon between combatant people. Now it is a combat sport in which two people wearing protective padded gloves, hand wraps and mouthguards throw … Read more

What are the punch numbers in Boxing?


Boxing is a sport of fist fighting between two people wearing padded gloves within a roped-off ring with a referee inside. Although it is a punching fight, it has strict rules that must be followed. Despite worldwide popularity, boxing is still under pressure to introduce further safety measures to minimize the risk of brain damage, … Read more

Difference between KO & TKO in Boxing?


Knockout in boxing is striking an opponent so that he cannot rise to continue fighting in a specified time and so loses the contest. In other words, ‘knockout’ means eliminating the opponent from the competition by using a fair strike when no more resistance power is left for him. Today in this post we will … Read more

What are the Dimensions of a Boxing ring?


We know that boxing is a serious kind of game. It is an intense combat sport that takes place within a ring. The dimensions of a boxing ring are an available space made for the boxers to fight within. The standard dimensions of a boxing ring depend on its width, height, and depth. Today we … Read more

Do you know What semi-professional boxing is?


Semi-professional boxing is considered an occupational profession. Many people want to know about this topic. So Today we will discuss What is semi-professional boxing? About Semi-professional boxing: Semi-professional boxers have learned very well how to fight boxing and have fought boxing matches several times. ,l he lacks experience because he could not fight many competitions … Read more

Do you know what is the best punching bag that hits back? Double-end bag/ Cobra bag/ Sparbar/ Boxing ball?


The punching bag is stuffed or inflated. It can typically look cylindrical or pear-shaped, suspended. So it can be punched for exercise or training, especially by boxers–amateurs or professionals. Today we will talk over What is the best punching bag that hits back? Double-end bag? Cobra bag? Spar Bar? Boxing ball? Some best punching bags … Read more

Biggest Boxing promoters in the world


A promoter is a person who assumes the financial responsibilities of a sporting event and supports the related issues, including contracting with the principals, renting the site, campaigning and collecting gate receipts, etc. Let’s talk about some prominent boxing promoters. Some prominent boxing promoters: Robert Arum: Robert Arum is one of the biggest boxing promoters. … Read more